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For the Record with Robert Fenton, Founder and CEO, Qualio

Robert Fenton is the founder and chief executive officer of Qualio. Prior to founding Qualio in 2012, Robert studied pharmacy for 5 years at University College Cork, practiced as a community pharmacist, and spent time in quality and R&D roles at global pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Leo Pharma. Give us Qualio’s elevator pitch. […]

The Future of Clinical Trials: Perspectives from BD and Exact Sciences

The pandemic pushed medtech to move faster, and leaders are riding that influence to discover sustainable efficiencies throughout the organization. Learn from two medtech experts on how they are enacting long-lasting change in their organizations. There is always a demand for medical innovations to be delivered faster, but the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated trials to a […]

4 Tips for Moving From a Paper-Based QMS to an eQMS

Paper-based quality management systems have been a mainstay for life sciences organizations. A paper-based approach can be easy to stand up within an organization, and many assume it’s an easy way to skip regulatory requirements for electronic systems. While this can work for a period of time, paper simply doesn’t scale. Over the long term, […]

Manchester at the Heart of Award-Winning UK MedTech Collaboration

Medtronic, a Minnesota-based US-listed medical technology giant with over 86,000 employees, is playing a major role in a MedTech project taking place in Manchester – the UK city region with an international reputation for healthcare innovation. Supported by Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) and the UK’s Medical Research Council and funded by the UK Research and […]

For The Record with Rob O’Brien, R.Ph., Vice President, Specialty, Real Endpoints

Rob O’Brien, RE’s VP Specialty, has over 20 years of managed care, PBM, and specialty pharmacy experience. Over the past 2 decades at CVS Health, he has worked closely with payers across all business segments (commercial and government) and drug benefit programs (both pharmacy and medical).  At CVS Health he held a number of leadership […]

Cybersecurity and Privacy Considerations in Medical Device Cloud Connectivity

Cloud computing technology continues to transform countless industries — including the medical device industry. Diagnostic devices, connected therapeutics, and digital health have all benefited from cloud connectivity, improving care for patients, and the bottom-line for device manufacturers. Cloud connectivity is not without risks though. Safely connecting devices to the cloud can be an incredibly time-consuming process, […]

For The Record with Chris DuPont, CEO and Co-Founder, Galen Data

Chris is the CEO and co-founder of Galen Data, Inc., a configurable, scalable, FDA-Compliant software platform that enables connecting medical devices to an FDA-compliant cloud. Chris has over 25 years of experience developing sophisticated technology in the medical device industry including Cyberonics (LivaNova) and the aerospace industry including NASA and Iridium. Chris has been a […]

What Does Your Next 2020 Look Like and Why Is It All About Design in Healthcare Today?

A few weeks ago, during a post-acquisition conversation with our new colleagues from Momentum Design Labs, I was asked by my new colleague, “what does your next 2020 look like?” It was a question we so instinctively had avoided, thinking that we are slowly past a massive healthcare-related event. But, in reality, 2020 has sparked […]

For the Record with Peter Winston, Founder & CEO, ICS

It was at a user conference at MIT in 1987 that Peter confirmed what he suspected — interface design (today user experience or UX) was the future. And with that, he founded Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS). Thirty-plus years later, Peter drives innovation by pairing data with intuition, leading his team – which he considers the […]

The Great Resignation or a Great Opportunity?

Ubiquitous as conversations about Covid, almost every industry is being challenged with hiring and retaining employees right now. But there is a counter-message from companies who are successfully managing their employee retention issues. Simply put, the companies that successfully retain and gain employees have built a strong company culture and are telling that story everywhere […]

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