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April 24  

Improve patient care | Achieve accurate analytical results

Airgas supports healthcare and life science customers in their mission to improve lives — safely delivering reliable product when the stakes are the highest. Airgas provides a wide range of cylinder and bulk products that support the research, development and manufacturing of drugs and medical devices that support the life-sustaining efforts in these industries. Our healthcare helps researchers test new treatments and cures, and forensic scientists analyze evidence. Airgas also offers specialty pure gases, mixtures and equipment and services for laboratories striving to achieve accurate measurements in analytical research.

ALPHAGAZ™: Precisely simple

Analytical gases don’t always have to be so complex. At Airgas,we understand these gases and what you need to successfully achieve accurate results. ALPHAGAZ™ 1 with SMARTOP™ exceeds the purity recommendations of most laboratory instrument manufacturers and is ideal for any analytical and process control applications. With guaranteed purity and minimal contaminants, ALPHAGAZ 1 with SMARTOP is ideal for most analytical and process control applications ranging from percent to ppm analysis.

In addition to guaranteed purity and consistency, ALPHAGAZ 1 comes equipped with SMARTOP cylinder valve technology that protects gas purity and helps you better manage gas use and improve safety. With a unique ergonomic top, visible on/off levers and at-a-glance cylinder content readings, your team always knows when the cylinder is open and how much gas you have left.

Watch our video to learn more about ALPHAGAZ

INTELLI-OX+™: Innovative cylinder solutions for medical oxygen delivery

Airgas Healthcare works alongside healthcare professionals to help promote change that makes the healthcare system more efficient and safe. INTELLI-OX+ gives caregivers accurate time remaining information for medical oxygen which eliminates the need to interpret pressure data, allowing them to focus on the needs of their patients instead. This innovative solution combines Air Liquide’s patented digital gauge with a lightweight aluminum cylinder, integrated valve and regulator, clear product labeling, and ergonomic handle to comprise the industry’s safest and most reliable medical oxygen USP delivery system.

Discover how INTELLI-OX+ can help you optimize time, increase patient safety and improve efficiency. Watch our video to learn more about INTELLI-OX+

EZ-GAZ™: Visibility, control, savings

While managing gas supply is just a small part of your daily work, it can be time consuming. Your challenges may include estimating how much gas is left in your cylinder and when to reorder, overstocking or exchanging early to avoid runouts, and spending too much time manually tracking gas levels and switching-out cylinders. All of these routine tasks prevent you from focusing on your core activities or patient care, while adding substantial waste and unnecessary costs.

It’s time to make gas supply management easy. As part of the Airgas Supply Chain Solutions, EZ-GAZ is a unique digital gas pressure monitoring service that helps you optimize and monitor your gas supply—get peace of mind simply knowing what you have now and when you need more.

  • Reduce run-out risks and rush delivery costs with real time gas monitoring and low-pressure alerts
  • Minimize valuable time and personnel resources spent on point-of-use gas pressure monitoring and order management
  • Improve forecasting and supply optimization with gas tracking and trending data
  • Support staffing priorities and scheduling with remote systems visibility

Perfect for use in lab or healthcare facilities, installation of EZ-GAZ  is quick and simple. Watch our video about Airgas Supply Chain Solutions and get more visibility, control and savings for your gas use.


To learn more about how Airgas can help you to improve gas use, join Airgas experts for a panel discussion and reception on May 16th from 3pm to 6:30pm at the Minneapolis Marriott West. Register today—space is limited! Questions after the event? Contact your local branch at 855.625.5285 or visit

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