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Welcome To Medical Alley:
the Silicon Valley of Healthcare

We’re known as Medical Alley because just like that famous place on the West Coast, we’re a destination where brilliant minds and smart investors combine to fuel innovations that change the world. When the world wants to get involved in healthcare, it comes here.

Medical Alley
Powering the Evolution of Healthcare

Medical Alley is home to the world's

#1 Health Technology Cluster
Annual Innovation Report, 2015

#1 Hospital
US News Health

#1 Place to Work for Millennials

Medical Alley is The Global Epicenter of Health Innovation and Care®, where healthcare leaders call home.

In Medical Alley, you will find the world's leading health technology innovation cluster, the highest ranked hospital, and the globally recognized Destination Medical Center. Medical Alley is also home to the nation’s largest private health insurer and more than 1,000 healthcare companies, employing more than 500,000 Minnesotans and millions more worldwide.

Medical Alley has history. It is the birthplace of implantable medical technology, collaborative care delivery and innovative health plan models. The Smithsonian has recognized six "Great Places of Invention” in the U.S., including only one for healthcare, Medical Alley.

Medical Alley is the future, where healthcare is transformed.

If you want to see what healthcare will look like tomorrow, visit Medical Alley today.

Meet the Organizations Driving 

 Diversity, Equity, AND Inclusion 

in Medical Alley 


A MEDICAL ALLEY ASSOCIATION initiative to lower the cost of starting, scaling, and pivoting new ventures in THE GLOBAL EPICENTER OF HEALTH INNOVATION AND CARE®.

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