For the Record with Josh Medow, CEO, Mercury

November 13  

Josh Medow is the CEO at Mercury, a specialized logistics company with almost four decades dedicated to providing time- and temperature-sensitive shipping services for medical devices, diagnostics, and biotech companies worldwide. As a West Point and Harvard Business School graduate and a former US Army infantry officer, Josh brings excellence and strategic thinking to the business, fostering a team that makes Mercury an ally for organizations dedicated to developing life-changing solutions.

What is Mercury?

Mercury offers logistics solutions for medical devices, diagnostics, and biotech companies requiring temperature-sensitive and time-critical deliveries. Our clients can access dedicated teams and shipping options easily through our Portal. As a trusted logistics partner in the healthcare industry, we provide services to healthcare companies worldwide.

What was your professional journey that led you to working for Mercury?

I attended West Point for my college education and served as an officer in the Army, leading three different organizations. That’s when I realized that I had a passion for leading teams. After serving in the military, I pursued an MBA to gain business knowledge and become an entrepreneur. During this time, I realized the potential of experienced leaders who run successful companies, which led me to spend two years researching thousands of different businesses. Finally, in 2020, I acquired Mercury and have been leading it since then.

Can you share some things your organization has done that you are most proud of?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, several states required testing for their schools to ensure their students’ safety and health. However, the process was complex as each school had samples at different times, which had to be taken to other labs. The results had to be obtained quickly to ensure the students were healthy. Our organization was proud to manage the COVID-19 testing for around seven states, facilitating the process and ensuring the health and safety of students.

What motivates you as a leader?

There are two things that I find inspiring. The first one is our team. Witnessing their growth and development as leaders and individuals is truly remarkable. The second part is our customers. We have customers who are working towards the diagnosis and cure of various diseases. We also have customers involved in the shipment of medical devices, and we know there is life behind every shipment. For example, my grandmother underwent knee replacement surgery last year, and the device used was manufactured by the same company we work with. It makes me immensely proud that our work improves people’s lives.

What advice would you give to aspiring healthcare leaders who are looking to make an impact in this industry?

If you’re looking for something easy, the healthcare industry isn’t a great fit. But if you are looking to impact the world significantly, helping people live longer, healthier lives and feel good about your work, it’s a great place to be.

How do you see the healthcare industry changing in the next 5-10 years, and what is your organization doing to stay ahead of those changes?

There have been significant advancements in logistics technology. For instance, active shippers, battery-powered boxes, and pallets are used to keep perishable items, such as reagents, cool. Other advancements include GPS tracking, as well as temperature monitoring devices with live updates for international shipping. There are also exciting, innovative solutions for sustainable packaging for temperature-sensitive materials. At Mercury, innovation is part of our mission, and our Navigent Portal, which was developed in-house, enables customers to manage shipments in one place and interact directly with our team.

How does your company prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion, both in terms of your workforce and the services you offer?

We’re all about diversity, equity, and inclusion. We ship globally, and our team is represented by people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, bringing value to our work. And here’s something that makes us extra proud: over 13% of our team members are Veterans, twice the rate you’ll find in most US organizations. We’re honored to support our veterans, valuing their service and recognizing their incredible contributions to our team and society.

What do you see as the biggest opportunity and challenge facing the healthcare industry in Medical Alley?

The healthcare industry in Medical Alley presents both significant opportunities and unique challenges. Most medical device companies in Medical Alley are industry leaders driving innovation. The technology they produce often requires special time- and temperature-sensitive handling while it is in transit.

For Medical Alley members, one major opportunity is the growing need for specialized shipping solutions. Medical Device companies need help delivering products directly to healthcare facilities, requiring specialized logistical expertise. A challenge we’ve observed is addressing medical device companies’ precise shipping needs to enhance operational efficiency and reduce disruptions. Bridging this gap between their requirements and traditional shipping capabilities is vital. However, this challenge is effectively addressed by our specialized services that align with the healthcare industry’s unique demands for Medical Alley members.

What are your hobbies or things you enjoy doing when not at work?

Spending time with my family is important, especially with my wife and daughter. We enjoy being outdoors with our dog. Running, hiking, and skiing are some of my favorite activities, and I cherish every moment spent outside with my loved ones and friends.

What is your favorite thing about the Medical Alley community?

Reflecting on my time living in Minnesota when I was younger reminds me of the qualities that define its people – their warmth, openness, and adaptability. Within the Medical Alley Association community, the “Minnesota Nice” spirit fosters collaboration and friendliness. This community’s commitment to continuous learning and driving innovation sets it apart. We share a common goal – enhancing patient outcomes by ensuring that vital medical devices are always where they are needed most. This dedication and collaborative spirit make the Medical Alley Association a force for positive change in the healthcare industry.

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