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The Medical Alley Association has launched two digital event series to deliver unparalleled intelligence to our community and beyond! 

Bringing the Future Forward will feature discussions with leaders on how COVID-19 has accelerated change in the healthcare industry and how these changes are shaping the future of healthcare. 

What Now, What Next will deliver unique tools, resources, and guidance for your organization to navigate this new and always changing environment.


Wednesday, December 8  |  9:00 AM CST

Global Regulatory and U.S. Reimbursement Seminar

Medical Alley Association and its partners Investissement Quebec and the Quebec Government Office in Chicago present a seminar on global regulation and U.S. reimbursement. Register for three sessions covering U.S. Regulatory, EU/Asia Regulatory, and U.S. Reimbursement for a primer on key topics in today's environment.

Part 1: U.S. Regulation of Medical Products
Medical Devices and Digital Health products face a range of regulations in the United States, primarily from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). In this session, you will learn the latest on FDA regulations and strategies to employ in launching your first product in the U.S.

  • Cori Ragan, M.S, Principal Advisor, Regulatory & Quality Systems, Lab Corp

Part 2: EU Regulation of Medical Products
Medical Devices and Digital Health products face a range of regulations across the European Union. In this session, you will hear the latest on the EU’s Medical Device Regulation and strategies to launch your products.


  • Louis-Paul Marin, President and Founder, LOK North America

Part 3:  U.S. Reimbursement Seminar
Reimbursement, or payment for various health services, in the U.S. differs significantly compared to most other countries. A mix of public and private, national and regional, and separate medical, dental, vision, and pharmacy benefits means your path to securing payment can be complex and fraught with risk. In this session you will learn the fundamentals of U.S. reimbursement and how to pursue it for your company.


  • Tom Hughes, JD, Senior Principal Advisor, Health Economics and Reimbursement, Lab Corp

Thursday, December 9  |  1:30 PM CST

Options to Finance Your Company for the U.S. Market

Launching your business in the U.S. can require a significant investment time and capital. Planning ahead to determine your capital needs, corporate structure, and build a finance strategy increases the odds of success. In this seminar, experts from J.P. Morgan will discuss financing strategies and options for Canadian companies.

  • Mike Geitl, Executive Director, Life Sciences Banking Team, J.P. Morgan
  • Chris Barrow, Executive Director, Life Sciences Banking Team, J.P. Morgan

Thursday, December 16  |  10:00 AM CST

Recruiting and Retention in 2022 and Beyond

The pandemic, The Great Resignation, wage inflation, remote work, hybrid work: the factors impacting recruiting and retaining great people are more complex than ever. And still, people want purpose, empowerment, good pay and benefits, and thoughtful leadership. As 2022 approaches let’s discuss what we have learned, how we are adapting, and what lies ahead when building and keeping great teams.

A panel of your peers will share their experiences, new best practices, and their lingering questions. Join to add your questions and insights.

  • Nicki Leritz, Corporate HR Director, Smiths Medical
  • Mark Kuehl, Vice President, Human Resources, Bracco Medical Technologies
  • Frank Jaskulke, Vice President of Intelligence, Medical Alley Association


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