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The Medical Alley Association has launched two digital event series to deliver unparalleled intelligence to our community and beyond! 

Bringing the Future Forward will feature discussions with leaders on how COVID-19 has accelerated change in the healthcare industry and how these changes are shaping the future of healthcare. 

What Now, What Next will deliver unique tools, resources, and guidance for your organization to navigate this new and always changing environment.


Wednesday, October 6  |  10:00 AM CDT

How COVID-19 Changed Marketing in the Health & Medical Industries

It’s an understatement to say that businesses have had to quickly pivot and adjust to the rapidly occurring issues that COVID-19 has created with its overstayed and unwelcomed visit. While we are still not out of pandemic mode, health and medical industry marketers have learned and implemented new strategies to adapt to their audience’s quickly changing needs. Don’t miss your chance to hear how some of the industry’s marketing leaders have adapted to the changing marketing climate.

Thursday, October 7  |  9:00 AM CDT

Medical Alley- Québec Healthtech Pitch Day

Hear from the best of Québec's growing healthcare startup scene. The 10 companies are recent graduates of the inaugural U.S. Go-To-Market Program hosted by the Medical Alley Association in partnership with the Québec Government Office in Chicago and Investissement Québec.

Each company will provide a brief pitch, answer your questions, and be available for a meeting after.

Tuesday, October 12  |  10:00 AM CDT

Ask Me Anything: Medical Alley Starts

Ask Me Anything: Medical Alley Starts (AMA: MAS) features innovators, investors, and industry leaders sharing their views on business and how to best engage them. The goal of each AMA is to provide you, the attendee, with an inside perspective that can help you raise capital, land new customers, and be a more successful venture.

The agenda of this event is determined entirely by your questions. Speakers will introduce themselves and perhaps share a short presentation to set context, but the majority of the time will be dedicated to you and your questions.

AMA: MAS events have limited attendance and are open only to startups that are members of the Medical Alley Association. This creates a space to have discussions relevant to your company and ensures we can get to your questions.


  • Ping Yeh, Chief Innovation Officer, Vyant Bio
  • Frank Jaskulke, Vice President of Intelligence, Medical Alley Association

Thursday, October 14  |  10:00 AM CDT

Establishing Trust and Advancing Health Equity Initiatives Through Community in Medical Alley

Social unrest and the COVID-19 pandemic shined a spotlight on existing inequities impacting the health outcomes of vulnerable communities. There is an urgency for strategic and equitable investments in these communities so that we can create a systemic approach to addressing healthcare disparities.

Community-based organizations focused on the public health of residents play a critical role in combating health inequities, but what is our Medical Alley community currently doing, and what more can be done? We know effective partnerships between industry and community are critical to advancing health equity, but what strategies are most effective with building trust and creating impactful partnerships?

Join us for a fireside chat discussion with 3M Healthcare’s President, Mojdeh Poul, and a panel discussion with leaders across Medical Alley on the health equity impact industry can make through dynamic community partnerships.

Fireside Chat:

  • Mojdeh Poul, Group President, 3M Health Care Business Group
  • Alexis Kochanski, Director of Member Engagement, Medical Alley Association

Wednesday, October 27  |  10:00 AM CDT

Medical Alley Intelligence Update

How is your community, The Global Epicenter of Health Innovation and Care®, performing? What are the trends in workforce, job creation, and capital formation? Are we losing out to Austin and Miami, or are we holding our own? The Medical Alley Intelligence Update will bring data and analysis to help you understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats your community faces, and what you can do to keep it growing. Included in this Intelligence Update will be a first-half review of startup investment, exits, and IPO activity.


  • Frank Jaskulke, Vice President of Intelligence
  • Alexis Kochanski, Director of Member Engagement, Medical Alley Association
  • Lilly Melander, State Policy & Advocacy Director, Medical Alley Association


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