Alley Chats

Signature Networking Event

Alley Chats provide a platform for our partners to connect, network, and socialize with leaders who represent organizations across the healthcare continuum. Alley Chats events are held at top Twin Cities venues, making it easy to start a conversation with your peers. 

Upcoming events

Stay tuned for more Alley Chats coming soon

Sponsor Alley Chats

As the sponsor of an Alley Chats event, your brand will be front and center in pre-event promotional materials and at the event. Your brand will be noticed by more than 200 attendees from a variety of organizations—from Fortune 500 healthcare companies to digital health startups. To learn more, download the prospectus below.

What it is like

Alley Chats are held in various interesting locations—like museums or outfield baseball stadiums—that make it easy to start a conversation with your healthcare peers.

Alley Chats at Target Field 

Alley Chats at the Vikings Museum

Bio Alley Chats at Incubology

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