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Our webinars are often a collaboration with our partner organizations and other thought leaders. As a result, you get unique perspectives directly from healthcare experts and innovators.

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Collaboration with Mayo Clinic Ventures and Corporate Development

Muddassir Laique and Seth Eisenman provide an overview of Mayo Clinic’s innovation and commercialization engine, its collaboration model, and foundational investment principles.

Scaling Success in Medical Device & Biotech: Navigating ERP for Growth and Funding

In this webinar, sponsored by Business Solution Partners, discover how leading minds in the medical device and biotech sectors reveal the power of ERP systems to drive growth and secure future funding.

Innovation Hubs in Medtech and Biotech: Space, Place, and Trends

Leaders from Ryan Companies join this webinar to share what is driving the trends of MedTech hubs, biotech innovation districts, and our very own MN Medtech 3.0. 

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