Ravyn Miller Models Fearless Leadership

February 22  

On February 13, nearly 200 Medical Alley professionals gathered, not to celebrate Galentine’s Day — the holiday popularized by the T.V. show Parks and Recreation — but to network, share a meal, and learn from one of Medical Alley’s inspiring women in healthcare leadership.

The active networking time before lunch was brought to a halt only by the promise of hearing the highly anticipated words of Medtronic’s director of U.S. marketing, Ravyn Miller, who more than lived up to the expectations of the crowd. An ordained minister, Miller was animated and engaging, warning the crowd from the very beginning that they may be asked to participate – and before long, there was indeed a call for an “AMEN” from the assembled.

Miller’s word of the year – fearless – was the foundation of her talk, as she walked through four things she would no longer fear and told stories of how those fears had previously affected her life. Rather than giving into F.E.A.R — false evidence appearing real — attendees were challenged to think about what it would mean in their workplaces and in their broader lives if they no longer feared:

  • Being authentically themselves
  • Going after opportunities that scared them
  • Challenging the status quo
  • Sitting at the big table

In closing, Miller emphasized the importance of having people around you that will help you make fearless choices and the changes that accompany them.

Medical Alley Association events like the Women in Health Leadership series are a great way to get involved with a community of people who are passionate about healthcare and about the people who make it happen.

Thank you to everyone who came and to our sponsors, Fredrickson & Byron, Fang Consulting, Preferred One, and the University of St. Thomas. We hope that those who attended will carry Ravyn’s message with you and that we will see you at one of our upcoming events!


Medical Alley is fortunate to have many strong female leaders in our community and the Women In Health Leadership series is the perfect way to meet other dedicated, influential women in health technology. This is your ticket to an afternoon of networking, lunch, and to hear from special guest speaker, Dr. Genevieve Melton-Meaux, Chief Data and Informatics Officer at Fairview.

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