Medical Alley Q2 2022 Venture Report

September 2  

Medical Alley Q2/2022 Venture Report

The Medical Alley Venture Report is a quarterly analysis of investment, M&A, and developments driving growth in The Global Epicenter of Health Innovation and Care.

Produced by the Medical Alley Starts team to provide vital insights for entrepreneurs, investors, and deal makers on the state of the market. Now entering its 15th year, the report is expanding sources of data and analysis.

Highlights from Q2 include:

  • The Medical Alley Starts & Global team supported more startup ventures (234) than in any previous quarter, nearly doubling the total from Q1 (120)
  • Medical Alley startups raised nearly $300 million in startup funding, building on record growth in Q1 ($475 million)
  • 16 M&A transactions (a 23% increase from Q1) with a reported value of over $4 billion
  • Almost half a million of Minnesota residents were employed in healthcare at the end of 2021

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