Medical Alley Q1 2023 Venture Report

May 17  

The Medical Alley Venture Report is a quarterly analysis of investment, M&A and other factors driving growth in Medical Alley®, the epicenter of health innovation and care®.

Medical Alley Starts: Venture platform to lower the cost of starting, scaling, and pivoting new ventures.

Medical Alley Global: Bringing Medical Alley to the world and the world to Medical Alley.

The Q1 2023 report includes information on:

  • Medical Alley Starts & Global highlights
  • Private and public markets activity
  • SBIR/STTR funding
  • Job growth in Medical Alley

In Q1 2023, Medical Alley startups raised more than $400 million – $277 million in private capital, $120
million through secondary offerings, and almost $7 million in SBIR/STTR. While the overall numbers are somewhat distorted by a single large private raise, the Medical Alley ecosystem showed resilience in an uncertain market. The increase in SBIR/STTR funding continues to be encouraging.

Digital health and medical device companies were the main drivers in private funding. Biopharma companies recorded a decrease after a record-breaking 2022.

Medical Alley tracked less than half the number of M&A transactions than in any of last year’s quarters, in line with expectations given the broader market slow down. Read the full report by clicking the button below.

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