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The Medical Alley Association advocates for our community on a state and national level. We work every day to advance policies that support the Global Epicenter of Health Innovation and Care®. 

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Public policy is a serious business. Patient access to innovation, regulations, taxes, workforce, infrastructure, investment opportunities and many other critical factors that affect the future of healthcare are driven by public policymakers. We deliver the expertise, influence and engagements with public policymakers to shape the evolution of healthcare.

You make a difference. We deliver your story. The Medical Alley Association brings your voice and your issues directly to decision makers in St. Paul and Washington, DC. As a trusted association with deep relationships, we work with public officials to influence, educate and ultimately build strong coalitions around the significance of our healthcare innovators.

2022 Legislative Year in Review

The 2022 legislative session was unique, as the biennial state budget was set and fully funded before the first gavel came down on January 31, state balance sheets included the largest surplus in history, and constitutionally there was nothing that HAD to be accomplished. Redistricting inspired retirement announcements from almost a third of the sitting members and started the clock on a huge election year, in which all of the statewide offices, all 201 legislative seats, and the entire congressional delegation will be on the ballot in November.  

Our legislative wrap-up will dive into all the details of this year’s regular session, from bills that were signed to the committee work that was still gridlocked when the clock struck midnight. We'll provide insights on the political dynamics in St. Paul, unpack critical policy and spending bills, and report on the status of Medical Alley Association’s policy priorities post-adjournment. See the 2022 Legislative Year in Review here.

Medical Alley Association Goes to Washington

In early April of 2022, the Medical Alley Association Board of Directors traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with legislators at the U.S. Capitol. The meetings included discussions on a number of healthcare topics, including the innovation taking place in our home state of Minnesota.


2022 Legislative Year in Review

Despite a historic surplus and the prospect of bipartisan agreements, the 2022 Minnesota legislative session adjourned with a whimper, leaving lawmakers on both sides of the aisle frustrated and billions of dollars sitting in state coffers. Read the full recap here.


2021 Legislative Year in Review

Legislative wrap-up diving into all the details of 2021's regular and special session. See insights on the political dynamics in St. Paul, unpack critical policy and spending bills, and reports on the status of Medical Alley Association’s policy priorities post-adjournment.


State Telehealth Policy Framework

A framework to evaluate existing and proposed telehealth policies. These principles were developed with the input of Medical Alley Association members from across the spectrum of healthcare and at a variety of business lifecycle stages.

Medical Alley is The Global Epicenter of Health Innovation and Care®. Home to more than 1,000 healthcare companies that employ more than 500,000 people, our community provides the therapies, technologies, and services that improve lives all over the world. That’s more than a half-million people committed to solving some of healthcare’s biggest challenges!

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