We advocate for the healthcare ecosystem

Our policy team works with state and federal decision-makers to forward policies that benefit patients, health professionals, innovation in healthcare, and global economic trade.

Transforming policy starts with relationships. Over the years, the Medical Alley team has developed deep relationships with public officials in Washington and St. Paul.

We work to influence, educate, and build strong coalitions around healthcare priorities.

We bring your voice to policymakers

Our current priorities 

Healthcare transformation

Mobilize our partner network to work with policymakers to find successful, forward-looking policy solutions

Innovative ecosystem

Ensure entrepreneurs have access to the regulatory environment and resources necessary to grow 

Health disparities

Decrease disparities in access to care and health outcomes for underserved, rural, and minority populations

Talent attraction and retention

Identify and support initiatives that create a strong and diverse healthcare workforce pipeline 

Advocacy in action 

We work on issues that impact the healthcare community. For example, we advocated for legislation such as: 

The Mental Health Omnibus Bill, which provides $30 million to mental health programs

The Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund and Frontline Worker pay legislation, which provides a pool of $500 million designated for frontline worker bonuses 

$20M in funding for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) research, with another $5M for caregivers and equipment to help current ALS patients

Expanded postpartum coverage to patients, providing quality care to moms

Changes in telehealth—allowing patients to continue receiving access to online care

The SciTechsperience Internship Program, which connects talented workers to STEM-focused organizations.

See our “Legislative Year in Review” reports

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