Medical Alley 2024 Legislative Impact Report

June 20  

The 2024 Minnesota Legislative Session ended amid high tensions between Republican and DFL lawmakers, racing to close business by 11:59 p.m. on May 19.

For the second year of the biennium, DFL elected officials held a ‘trifecta’ — control of Minnesota’s House, Senate, and the Governor’s office. After a record two-year $72 billion budget passed in 2023, legislative leaders anticipated passing a capital investment bill and a host of policy priorities in 2024.

However, as the gavel fell on this year’s session, the state’s bonding bill — which required Republican support — and a number of other policy initiatives did not pass.

Throughout the 2024 Legislative Session, Medical Alley helped deliver on several initiatives with the guiding principles of advancing innovation, improving access, reducing costs, and increasing the quality of care.

With many new laws passed this session taking effect July 1, Medical Alley’s 2024 Legislative Review provides a summary on key policy priorities and major legislation signed into law.

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