Medical Alley 2022 Annual Report

June 22  

Founded in 1984, Medical Alley® is the epicenter of health innovation and care. We facilitate global connections, promote collaboration, and stand as an advocate for organizations and academic research institutes.

Throughout 2022, we sought to innovate, elevate, and transform health technology and care on behalf of patients, organizations, and startups.

Thank you to our network of more than 800 of the world’s leading healthcare companies that joined us to change healthcare for the better.

2022 highlights:

  • Improved patient care with new tech
  • Planted seeds of future growth
  • Drew more capital to the Alley
  • Advanced our international reputation
  • Expanded partnerships
  • Created a network of support
  • Exported knowledge, imported capital
  • Grew investor network
  • Secured new investment from overseas
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