Veravas and Tymora Collaborate on Early Detection Alzheimer’s Testing

January 13  

CHARLESTON, S.C. and OAKDALE, Minn., January, 13 2020, – Veravas, Inc. and Tymora Analytical Operations, LLC announced today that they have entered into a strategic alliance to explore the integration of their respective technologies. Veravas is an emerging diagnostic company focused on proprietary sample preparation products and new diagnostic tests. Tymora’s focus is on providing diagnostic and therapeutic biomarker discovery contract services and products. Together, they will aim to enrich and measure circulating biomarkers for use in non-invasive early-stage Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) diagnostics and other applications in the global life sciences research and clinical in vitro diagnostics markets. 

It is estimated that 5.8 million Americans currently live with Alzheimer’s disease, and this number is projected to increase to 14 million by 2050. The consensus is arising in the field that to treat AD effectively, early detection is a must. Because current biomarker analysis procedures are long and cumbersome, there is a critical need for a novel minimally invasive and cost-effective diagnostic assay to facilitate routine screening and early detection of AD. 

Using Veravas’ proprietary sample prep technology in conjunction with Tymora’s extracellular vesicle enrichment technology, the partnership will focus on developing the world’s first diagnostic test for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) from human plasma samples as an alternative to current cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) neuromarker testing. Early detection is key to favorable patient outcomes with new and emerging AD therapeutics, and plasma diagnostic testing will facilitate routine screening, early detection and companion diagnostic testing for AD. 

“Despite significant advancement in Alzheimer’s Disease research, no effective screening test for early diagnosis of AD exists today. This partnership will allow us to pursue the combination of our sample prep and biomarker technologies so we can quickly address some of the biggest challenges impacting the neuroscience IVD market, starting with Alzheimer’s Disease,” stated Carroll E. Streetman Jr., CEO, Veravas. 

“We couldn’t be more excited that Veravas shares our commitment to the development of early detection biomarkers for hard to diagnose diseases,” said Anton Iliuk, Ph.D., President and CTO, Tymora. “The implementation of plasma testing for early-stage diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease is critical for effective treatment, and this new partnership allows us both to expand our resources to favorably impact LDT and IVD assay development and performance.” 

About Veravas 

Veravas is transforming laboratory medicine with technology that delivers superior test results, providing confidence to clinicians and patients that diagnoses are accurate. The company is rapidly driving the commercialization of proprietary sample preparation products and new diagnostic tests. Veravas’ nanomagnetic particles can identify, remove, and measure select substances from patient samples to reduce the effects of complex interferences and detect low-abundance biomarkers. Led by a passionate and dedicated team, Veravas is devoted to improving patient lives by minimizing the harmful effects of unnecessary treatments and deaths associated with poor quality diagnostic results. Because every patient deserves the correct result, every time. To learn more about our technologies and clinical applications, visit

Media Contact

Christina Creager Veravas

[email protected] or (612) 587-2733 

About Tymora Analytical 

Tymora Analytical Operations provides therapeutic and diagnostic biomarker discovery and development contract services and products to enable its partners and clients to achieve their drug development and IVD/LDT goals. Tymora’s primary mission is to enable the shift from tissue to liquid biopsy. Tymora’s platform technology for extracellular vesicles, EVtrap®, facilitates the detection of active disease markers directly from plasma, urine, or saliva. 

Media Contact

Tymora Analytical Operations Anton Iliuk, President & CTO

[email protected] or (765) 490-6834  

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