Twin Cities Healthcare Tech Company, Provation, Announces First Provation® Apex Patient Charting Beta Customer

May 26  

Virginia Gastroenterology Institute Pioneers Provation’s New Cloud-Based Software Designed to Improve Patient Care Documentation

MINNEAPOLIS, MN/SUFFOLK, VA (May 26th, 2020) – Provation and Virginia Gastroenterology Institute (VGI) announced today the successful launch of Provation® Apex Patient Charting. VGI selected Provation’s new cloud-based software to improve patient care by digitally connecting nurses, anesthesiologists, and other care team members throughout a clinical procedure – from pre- through post-op.

“I chose Provation Apex Patient Charting because I knew it would keep my team on the same page with access to the most current and accurate patient data,” said VGI’s founder and gastroenterologist Dr. Pramod Malik. “By digitally streamlining our patient charts, we can mitigate the risks that often come with paper charts, including missing information and duplicate documentation.”

“Simply put, it’s a game changer for us. I’m confident Provation Apex puts one of the most user-friendly charting resources at my team’s fingertips,” said Dr. Malik.

Provation Apex Patient Charting helps solve some of the problems created by traditional paper patient charts. Care team members no longer need to physically rely on, or track down, a single folder containing a patient’s data. Instead all that data is streamlined into one digital location that is easily accessible to each care team member through every stage of a procedure. These electronic charts, including patient notes, anesthesia dosage amounts,
allergy warnings and procedure logs, are securely created, updated, and available to authorized staff from pre-op through post-op.

“We’re excited to equip care teams with Provation Apex, including our first Patient Charting customer site VGI,” said Provation CEO Daniel Hamburger. “Our newest solution takes patient care to the next level – providing anesthesiologists, nurses and other caregivers with smart technology that can increase efficiency, quality and job satisfaction,” Hamburger added.

In addition to Patient Charting for its nurses and anesthesiologists, VGI’s physician staff will use Provation® Apex Procedure Documentation for endoscopic image capture and procedure notes. This combination empowers care teams with a single, secure documentation tool for the entire patient visit. Provation Apex is also browser-based for anytime, anywhere access and integrates with a medical facility’s existing electronic health record (EHR) and IT systems.

“Provation Apex gives VGI seamless, paperless data entry on a single platform, which takes our patient care to the next level,” said Dr. Malik.

“With no requirement for onsite IT support and an affordable price tag, Provation Apex also helps our facility save time and money,” Dr. Malik said. He also highlighted the platform’s simple submission interface to the Gastroenterology Quality Improvement Consortium (GIQuIC).


About Provation

Provation is a leading provider of clinical productivity software for healthcare professionals. Celebrating 25 years, we serve more than 3,300 hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and medical offices, including 43 of the top 50 U.S. hospitals for gastroenterology (GI) and GI surgery. Provation helps providers increase operational efficiencies, business profitability and regulatory compliance by improving quality, streamlining workflows and enabling insights with structured data. Our portfolio includes solutions for procedure documentation (Provation® MD
and Provation® Apex), order set and care plan management (Provation® Order Sets and Provation® Care Plans), practice management, electronic medical records (EMR) and report writing (MD-Reports) and perioperative documentation (Provation® MultiCaregiver). Provation is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. For more information about Provation’s solutions, visit and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Virginia Gastroenterology Institute

Virginia Gastroenterology Institute is a high-quality gastroenterology practice in Suffolk, VA. Dr. Pramod Malik and his team provide comprehensive care as gastrointestinal and liver specialists in the Tidewater area. Patients, including doctors, nurses and their families come
from across the Hampton Roads area including Suffolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Smithfield, Carrollton, Hampton, Newport News, Franklin. The facility also serves the greater Tidewater region inclusive of Williamsburg and neighboring North Carolina.
More information about VGI can be found online at and Facebook.

Please send your requests for remote interviews and additional information to: Cole Heath, Provation Media Relations Specialist (O) – 612.215.8175 or [email protected]

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