Trends in Medical Photography and Videography

December 15  

It’s no surprise to those of us in the Medical Alley community that our industry is in the nation’s spotlight now more than ever, both from a business outlook and from the consumer’s viewpoint. Breakthroughs in technology and an influx of innovative start-ups are changing the game and our marketing needs to follow suit.  Ensuring that the visuals you use in your marketing are current and customized is a smart move in remaining competitive.

The good news is that the must-follow trends in medical/health industry photography and videography don’t require overly complicated solutions. 

From simply posting a short video on your LinkedIn page to adding a new product photo to your website, there’s a lot you can do to increase your online search opportunities and your brand’s recognition.

Online Advertising

Each day we are bombarded with online ads from our social media feeds to our online searches and even in our inboxes. There’s a lot of noise in the online advertising marketplace so getting your message across to the right consumer

requires a strong and consistent strategy. This is all the more reason to use only a professional quality image with compelling and concise, copy. In order to stand out in this busy online sector, captivating content is still king.

Creating Connections

Consumers have become more involved and savvier in researching their medical and health care options for anything ranging from medical devices and prescription drugs to healthcare technology and insurance. This increased consumer involvement makes it exceedingly important to use your photography to relate and connect with your end-user. Whether your product is used directly by patients or medical professionals, showing healthy, approachable people in realistic environments such as a doctor’s office or a home health care visit, can create a positive connection with the end user. In a video, featuring testimonials from patients, doctors and other suitable individuals is a popular and proven way to develop trust in your brand. Here some examples of how Gamut One Studios has used this concept with our clients.

Extreme Detail for Realistic Images

Macro-photography is a specialized and highly technical skill that brings to life extreme detail that the human eye all too often misses and can deliver a realistic view of small devices and products which all to often have been reproduced using computer graphics or illustrations which can lead to a misrepresentation of the product by creating an artificial look. Using special lenses and equipment to capture stunning, high magnification imagery is superior for showing a realistic view of product with a real-life image.

Optimize, optimize and optimize

Almost all online activity is tracked in some way so remember to add keywords and metadata to your online visuals. Whether it’s your own digital marketing person or an agency you contract with, increasing the SEO of your photos and videos is a priority and adds value to your marketing. Gamut One Studios works with experts in digital marketing every day, please reach out if you would like a recommendation.

Video Consumption

No matter your age, your industry or your demographic, we are all consuming more media online, especially videos.  A report released by HubSpot shows that about 45% of people spend more than one hour a day watching videos. And that’s also where you can reach your customers as long as your content is easy to find and meets the customer’s search criteria. We will also continue to see increases in healthcare website features such as e-visit, e-chat, online bill-pay, patient-driven scheduling and EMRS (Electronic Medical Recorder Systems) access. Again, more time spent online by consumers means an increased priority for strong visual content on websites and social media.

Testimonials – 92% of people will trust recommendation from a peer and 70% will trust a recommendation from someone they don’t know. (Nielsen, 2019)

Whether it is researching a new medical device partner or finding a healthcare technology company, most people look for some kind of recommendation before making purchasing decisions.  In many of our medical industry clients’ videos, Gamut One Studios has included real testimonials and found great success. We often feature patients, employees, business partners, customers and more in a video to tell their stories and present an honest and educating look at a company, service or product.

Does a ‘How-To’ Video Work for You?

How-to videos on YouTube have taken over the internet both in terms of search engine success and media consumption. According to, “YouTube is not simply a website; it is a search engine. It is the second largest search engine behind Google. With 3 billion searches per month, YouTube’s search volume is larger than that of Bing, Yahoo, AOL and combined.” Producing a well written, educational how-to video for your brand can build trust, increase credibility and solidify your reputation as the subject matter expert.

Professional Scripting

Carefully crafted video messaging that doesn’t sound overly rehearsed should create a connection with the viewer/consumer of your product or services. Whether it’s educating a potential sales partner or creating brand awareness for an end user, a well written script will develop trust in your brand and establish rapport with the viewer.

Wow me, enlighten me and quickly let me go! 

Our society demands and devours online content in astounding amounts each day which is all the more reason to have eye catching visuals with powerful and concise messaging.  Even in a situation where you may have a captive audience, a 3-minute video can feel long. The solution is to find a provider who can produce an appropriate length video that suits both your audience and the situation. Further editing of video footage to also create shorter, social media friendly videos is also a must-have part of your video package.

All in all, your new video or photos will have maximum staying power if they are carefully planned and executed for the audience and medium you are targeting. Working with someone you trust, who has experience in your industry is an astute solution that is also likely to be a time and money saver, too.

About Gamut One Studios

For over 30 years, Gamut One Studios’ four partners Bill Bartlett, Dewey Koshenina, Greg Kamin and Jeff Schmieg, have been producing photography and videography for companies large and small in the medical/health industry as well as other major industries.  Our team collaborates with clients to cost effectively produce high quality visuals either on location or at our 10,000 square feet studio in Edina. Our business development strategist, Jill Oldenburg, has been a familiar face at MAA events for many years and enjoys helping clients find solutions for any photo or video need. Gamut One Studios’ YouTube channel is a perfect place to start a search for your potential video options such as company culture videos, how-to videos, executive messages, product demos, recruiting videos, testimonials, and more. Gamut One Studios’ photography work includes website photos, marketing materials, advertising, company headshots, facility images and every other photo need you can imagine.

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