Top Webinars of 2021

December 18  

Medical Alley’s Top Webinars of 2021

Like many organizations in 2021, the Medical Alley Association (MAA) had to pivot to virtual events due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although this change brought its own challenges, it also created opportunities. These digital events allowed MAA to gather some of the most influential leaders from across the industry to discuss healthcare’s most important topics. Keep reading to see a recap of the most popular webinars of 2021.

5. A New Initiative to Lower the Cost of Starting, Scaling, and Pivoting New Ventures in Medical Alley

Released: March 2, 2021

The number five webinar in 2021 introduced a new initiative to help lower the cost of starting, scaling, and pivoting ventures in the region: Medical Alley Starts. Although this region is home to hundreds of startups who are disrupting the healthcare industry with innovation, they often encounter roadblocks to their success – lack of capital, access to partners, and mentoring. Medical Alley Starts looks to remedy this. MAA’s Frank Jaskulke and serial founder Kyle Rolfing discuss this new service from Medical Alley.

4. A Deeper Look at the Lasting Impact of Virtual Care

Released: January 12, 2021

Coming in at number four is a discussion on virtual care. This mode of healthcare became a focal point in 2021 as healthcare providers adopted quickly to virtual care and patients began to see the benefits. Health insurance industry veteran Jodi Hubler leads this webinar to dive into the lasting impact of this multi-billion-dollar industry for patients, health plans, and healthcare systems.

3. Software is Eating the (Healthcare) World: Corporate Strategy and Partnering Today

Released: January 28, 2021

Nearly a decade ago, Marc Andreessen said that software is “eating the world” by being integrated into nearly every corner of our life. Now, software is upending traditional methods of business in healthcare. This conversation features thought leaders in the healthtech field from Odonata Medical, Mayo Clinic Platform, and Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

2. Helping Close the Health Inequity Gap Through More Inclusive Clinical Trials

Released: January 26, 2021

Black Americans make up only a fraction of clinical trial participants, which can create serious ripples in health equity as different races and ethnicities may respond differently to a drug or treatment. Boston Scientific CEO Michael Mahoney joined this event to discuss how organizations can design more inclusive clinical trials that give access to patients of color, thereby closing gaps in healthcare and improving outcomes for all groups.

1. Turning Passion into Action: Leading on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Released: April 8, 2021

Improving diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) has been a focal point for companies across Medical Alley, but many are unsure of where to start. To help lead this discussion and provide insights, Medtronic CEO Geoff Martha joined this webinar, along with DE&I leaders from around Medical Alley. In this sold-out webinar, you can hear how each of these leaders are building DE&I initiatives into the core of their company culture and involving employees from all levels of the company to create effective DE&I initiatives that deliver real change.

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