Medical Alley’s Top Podcasts of 2021

December 10  


The Medical Alley Podcast, presented by MentorMate and Genentech, brings listeners into insightful conversations with some of healthcare’s most influential and inspiring leaders. Throughout the over 50 episodes of 2021, our guests shared their experiences leading the organizations that make Medical Alley the Global Epicenter of Health Innovation and Care.

To help you relive the best conversations from 2021, we are counting down the top five most listened to podcasts of the year.

5. John Naylor, CEO, Medica

Released April 5, 2021

Coming in at number five is a conversation with John Naylor, CEO of Medica. In this episode, Naylor discusses the work that his organization is doing to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). He touches on how Medica approaches this work with intentionality and ensures that all Medica employees feel heard. According to Naylor, this creates a strong internal team that is prepared to serve externally. Listen here to learn more about Medica’s efforts in DE&I.

4. Laura Stoltenberg, Sector CEO Medical & Environmental of Halma

Released January 25, 2021

Halma is a big business with an even bigger mission: Creating a safer, cleaner, and healthier world. This large organization is comprised of more than 50 companies across the globe, and guest Laura Stoltenberg joined the podcast to discuss how Halma is making strides in medical innovation and environmental protection. The number four podcast of 2021 dives into Halma’s efforts to do so, including aligning 70 percent of their revenues toward the United Nation’s sustainability goals.

3. Bradley Case and Dr. Kevin Lee Smith, The Good Clinic

Released August 30, 2021

Number three explores the world of healthcare providers and the innovation taking place there. The Good Clinic recently made a splash in Medical Alley by opening their first clinic in Minneapolis and they are quickly growing throughout the region. The Good Clinic’s goal is to innovate primary care, and we were joined by President Bradley Case and Chief Nurse Practitioner Officer Dr. Kevin Lee Smith, to speak more on this. Listen here to learn more about how The Good Clinic was founded and give some insights into what’s ahead for this innovative company.

2. Karley Yoder, GM & Chief Digital Officer, Ultrasound, GE Healthcare

Released September 20, 2021

The second most listened to episode of the year delves into a popular, and sometimes controversial, topic – artificial intelligence. How much do you know about implementing AI into healthcare? Are you skeptical about where it can be used? Karley Yoder, the Chief Digital Officer, Ultrasound, at GE Healthcare joined this episode to dive into these questions and share her thoughts on AI’s potential to transform the healthcare world positively, as well as how healthcare companies can best integrate this technology into their work.

1. Penny Wheeler, President & CEO at Allina Health and Craig Samitt, President & CEO, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of MN and Stella

Released March 15, 2021

Our most listened to podcast of 2021 brings together the CEOs of two of the most prominent companies in Medical Alley: Allina Health and Blue Cross and Blue Shied of Minnesota (BCBS). Penny Wheeler of Allina and Craig Samitt of BCBS sat down to discuss their plan to form a value-based payment agreement that lowers costs and improves outcomes.

Value-based payment agreements have been rising in popularity recently, and this partnership was one of the biggest and most impactful bets on this mode of care and reimbursement. Listen to this episode to hear Wheeler and Samitt discuss how they see their partnership changing the way healthcare works.

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