Tips From the Experts: What You Need To Know About Producing Photography or Videography for Your Company

February 4  

Similar to the medical industry, the photography and videography industries are rapidly evolving so staying on top of trends and sharing them with clients and partners is incredibly important to a reputable studio. Here are some of the frequently asked questions that the Gamut One Studios’ team hears from our clients and our solutions for achieving the best possible photo or video shoot.

What to look for when choosing a photographer or videographer:

Expertise – Just like you’d never see a dentist for a broken leg, it wouldn’t be wise to choose a photographer who was not familiar with your industry or product. Hiring someone who has never staged a catheter photo shoot or shot a clear plastic device on a stainless steel table (surprisingly tricky!) would not be the best choice.

Experience – Likewise, when a photographer or videographer has built up years of experience, it’s more likely for him/her to be more flexible and creative with the obstacles that often come up even in a well planned-out shoot. The combination of expertise and experience will then give the client an advantage since they will achieve a more professional final result with less time and cost involved. It’s a bonus if a photographer/videographer has other industry experiences so she/he can work with your business on multiple visual projects such as headshots, lifestyle shoots, events and more.

I need a video, where do I start?

An experienced and savvy videographer will want to learn about your goals and intended audience for the video. A pre-production meeting is a great way to share your vision and then the studio can direct you on the creative process, offer solutions and address the materials and information needed from your company. For example, is this a product launch, an instructional video or maybe an HR piece intended for recruiting? All of these types of videos may require a different approach and time spent in pre-production can make for a more productive shoot.

In addition, touring the studio or the proposed location site familiarizes everyone with the location, addresses potential concerns and often generates new ideas. Gamut One Studios offers a complimentary checklist for companies considering [email protected] adding videography to their assets. Email Jill for your free copy.

How long does it take to produce a video?

Video production has a lot of moving parts such as shoot location, talent (models and voiceover), script writing, storyboarding, music, graphics, existing assets, and more. Therefore, production time and costs for one 30-second video can vary from one project to another. Gamut One Studios’ pre-production meeting is essential in helping set up a timeline that works for both client and studio.

What is the difference between shooting in studio or on location?

With Gamut One Studios both in studio and on location shoots are an option. The photo or video shoot subject matter and end goal usually dictates where you should shoot. If a studio has set building capabilities, like Gamut One Studios, there are many more options. For example, if you want to shoot a video in a doctor’s office, Gamut One can custom build an in-studio set that is less disruptive, cost effective, and more private than shooting at the actual clinic or doctor’s office.

Often times, we have large machines and vehicles brought into our 40’ studio cove which allows us to create multiple photo or video options with more control than we could do on location. Additionally, if the project is on a tight timeline but needs to be shot outdoors make sure your studio choice is flexible like Gamut One in offering back up weather days or you can consider recreating the look in studio to guarantee a ‘sunny’ day!

Video and Photography: Can you produce both in a single session?

Studios that have both photography and videography services, like Gamut One Studios, can bring both capabilities to a shoot that can save on costs, time and overall logistics management. An experienced team that cohesively works together will execute seamless transitions throughout the shoot day. Consider also that in most situations the still photography portion may involve a different shooter, camera and slightly different set up from the video capture so thoroughly planning the schedule ahead of time will be imperative.

How much does a photoshoot or video cost?

Gamut One Studios’ four partners have over 125 years combined experience in photography and videography and our prices remain competitive due to efficient, well managed shoots that stem from experience and low overhead. We pride ourselves on working with companies and budgets of all sizes by customizing a project that matches the client’s budget and goals with our services and costs.

The differentiator is that we take the time in the beginning of a project to thoroughly assess the needs and existing assets before we offer recommendations and provide estimates.

How do I get a Social Media video?

Short clips for social media such as Linkedin and Facebook are incredibly popular and useful to many businesses in the medical industry. The process for these short videos is similar to production for any video or series in that we meet first to discuss goals, target audience and existing assets. Typically, more than one video is desired so it is an advantage to work with a studio that gives you ownership of all the video footage, not just the final cut, like Gamut One Studios does. After the shoot, you can prioritize which videos to edit now and which to save for later editing if timeline and budget deem necessary.

What If I need photography outside of Minnesota or internationally?

While based in Edina, just 10 minutes from downtown Minneapolis, Gamut One often travels both nationally and internationally for clients as they find it is easier to manage projects with one vendor and maintain brand consistency. Most studios, including Gamut One, will charge travel time and expenses but with careful planning from an experienced team, the costs are manageable and provide less hassle than sourcing and training a new team in each location.

What about Stock Photography or Videography?

Stock photography or stock videos can be an inexpensive option for some companies but most people find it frustrating and time consuming to find an image or clip that represents your company or product well. If you do find a visual that meets your needs, you may find that another business is using it too, which can damage your brand’s credibility. Working with a studio like Gamut One, that provides you with all the images and outtakes from a shoot, essentially creating your own ‘stock’ library, is a better guarantee of quality and avoids future usage rights issues.

My company’s products are proprietary and confidential, how can they be photographed?

Working with proprietary products or yet-to-be-released devices involves unique experience. Choosing a studio that is familiar with Non-Disclosure Agreements and that possesses skills for creatively capturing a restricted subject and addressing the request of your legal department will be of high value.

Models versus ‘Real People’ in your Visuals

Many of Gamut One Studios’ clients debate about showing employees or customers versus models to represent their company in their visuals. Models can be expensive depending on how you compensate your staff or if the employee’s time spent on the shoot results in lost productivity. Showing your actual team members can foster a sense of community and make interacting with your brand more meaningful. However, you must consider if an employee or customer no longer works with the company are you ok with still featuring them in a photo or video? If not, then a model who appropriately represents your company’s image is a wise choice. Keep in mind, professional models are adept at giving you the look you need instantly whereas non-professionals often take more time to get comfortable and may never look as natural. Therefore, the cost of models can sometimes balance out with the time the shoot takes and the final image’s quality. Gamut One can arrange model release forms but you may want to review these with your internal legal department as well.


For over 30 years Gamut One Studios’ four partners Bill Bartlett, Dewey Koshenina, Greg Kamin and Jeff Schmieg, have been producing photography and videography for companies large and small in the medical/health industry as well as other major industries. We collaborate with our clients to cost effectively produce high quality visuals either on location or at our 10,000 square feet studio in Edina. Examples of our services include:

Videography: company culture videos, instructional videos, executive messages, product demos, recruiting videos, client testimonials, and more.

Photography: website photos, marketing materials, advertising, corporate

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