Telegenetics leader GeneMatters announces a significant technology expansion to further scale genetic services

November 18  

MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — GeneMatters today announced significant advancements to their proprietary integrative software, now known as the Pioneer Telegenetics Platform, as well as the launch of RISE Patient Engagement Tools. GeneMatters now provides a single source for accessing expert genetic counselors via telehealth, a suite of patient engagement tools and the most comprehensive telegenetics platform available.

The Pioneer Telegenetics Platform™ enables customized, seamless integration for telehealth genetic counseling service delivery and patient management. Since launch in 2017, GeneMatters has continued to improve patient access to genetic services through innovation. Pioneer now includes several automation features designed to reduce administrative burden, provide real-time communication and allow GeneMatters to quickly deploy custom workflows to meet partner needs. These automation features, along with capacity management functionality are critical for scaling genetic counseling to manage high patient volumes and maintain <48 hour wait times for appointments. Pioneer has been used by the GeneMatters clinical team and partner healthcare organizations to facilitate more than 20,000 genetic counseling sessions.

The RISE Patient Engagement Tools™ will Reach, Inform, Support and Educate patients throughout their genetics journey and can be used independently or as a complement to Pioneer and GeneMatters’ genetic counseling services. RISE will include modules across the continuum of genetics care from scheduling and patient triage to patient education and results delivery. The tools will be customizable in order to provide optimal support for patients and meet the needs of partner organizations.

“GeneMatters’ mission is to increase patient access through innovation and a pioneering spirit,” says Jill Davies, GeneMatters CEO and Co-Founder. “We’re excited to combine our team’s expertise in genetics with this next phase of scalable technology. With new capabilities in Pioneer and the launch of RISE, we can now deliver the full suite of genetic services that our partners and their patients need.”

This technology expansion is fueled in part by an investment by Casdin Capital, completed in July.

About GeneMatters

GeneMatters provides telehealth genetic counseling and software solutions that increase access to genetic services. We partner with hospitals, health networks, genetic testing labs and biopharmaceutical organizations. Our genetic expertise spans oncology, reproductive, cardiovascular, rare diseases and more. Our services and solutions are SOC2 compliant, customizable and high touch, allowing organizations to securely and confidently extend the capacity of existing genetic counseling teams, support new programs and increase patient engagement with genetic services. Founded and led by genetic counselors, our focus is outstanding service delivery, with unwavering quality standards, high patient satisfaction and technology to simplify care.

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