Take the Pledge and Experience One Day Without Sound on May 31st

May 24  

May 24, 2019 — Each of us is surrounded by a myriad of sounds that brings to life many of the things we hold dear. A child’s laugh. Our favorite song. A bird chirping. We might take these for granted, but 48 million Americans are experiencing some degree of hearing loss that partially or fully inhibits their ability to engage with these sounds.

On May 31, the Miracle Ear Foundation is challenging everyone to walk in someone else’s shoes

and experience how difficult it can be to live with hearing loss.

The annual One Day Without Sound pledge asks people to wear ear plugs for one day to realize how precious our hearing is and consider ways to take better care of our ears.

To learn more about the Miracle-Ear Foundation’s One Day Without Sound pledge, as well as the most common causes of hearing loss and how to prevent it, contact Jana Anderson at (763) 268-4083.

The Miracle-Ear Foundation is a Minneapolis-based non-profit organization that has supported underserved adults and children across the country with their hearing healthcare needs for nearly 30 years. Thanks to the generous support of Miracle-Ear franchise owners and donors across the country, the Miracle-Ear Foundation has donated more than 21,000 hearing aids to 11,170 children and adults nationwide.

For more information or on One Day Without Sound, visit onedaywithoutsound.org.


About the Miracle-Ear Foundation

Since its founding in 1990, Miracle-Ear Foundation has donated more than 21,000 hearing aids to more than 11,000 children and adults nationwide, who could otherwise not afford them. Through the generous support of Miracle-Ear franchise owners and donors, the foundation delivers life-changing services, bringing the gift of sound to an increasing number of people in need each year. For more information, visit www.miracle-earfoundation.org.

About Miracle-Ear

Miracle-Ear offers free hearing tests at its more than 1,400 franchised locations across the U.S. To find a store near you or to take a simple test to determine if you could benefit from a free hearing check-up, please visit miracle- ear.com.

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