StemoniX CEO Ping Yeh Invited to Speak at the 2020 New Jersey Association for Biomedical Research 3Rs Webinar Series

October 20  

MAPLE GROVE, MN – October 20, 2020 – StemoniX, Inc, a biotech company revolutionizing how new  therapeutics are discovered, announced today that its CEO and Co-founder, Ping Yeh, will speak as part of  the 2020 NJABR 3Rs Webinar series. In his talk, “Making Human Organs and the Path to Replacement,” Mr.  Yeh will discuss how the Company’s physiologically-relevant microOrgan® technology and human-first paradigm are de-risking drug discovery and preclinical drug development by compressing the pipeline and  ensuring only the safest and most effective compounds are advanced to the clinic. 

Following his talk, Mr. Yeh will be joined by Glenn Smits, PhD (Senior Vice President, Discovery and Early  Development; vivoPharm), Barb Jones, PhD (Senior Vice President, External and Regulatory Affairs; Cancer  Genetics, Inc.), and Blake Anson, PhD (Vice President, Business Development, StemoniX, Inc.) for an extended Q&A session. Mr. Yeh will also be available for virtual investor meetings outside of the  conference.  

Webinar Details:  

Title: Making Human Organs and the Path to Replacement 

Event NJABR 3Rs Webinar Series 

Date: October 20, 2020 

Time: 1:00 PM, EDT 


StemoniX is empowering the discovery of new medicines through the  convergence of novel human biology and software technologies. StemoniX develops and  manufactures high-density, at-scale human induced pluripotent stem (iPSC) cell-derived neural and cardiac screening platforms for drug discovery and development. Predictive, accurate, and consistent, these human models enable scientists to quickly and economically conduct research with improved outcomes in a simplified workflow. Through collaborations with drug discovery organizations, StemoniX tests compounds in-house, creates new cell-based disease models, and  operationalizes custom human iPSC disease models at large scale for high-throughput screening. With leading-edge iPSC technologies and data science, StemoniX is helping global institutions bring the most promising medicines to patients. To learn more about how StemoniX products  and services are accelerating discoveries, please visit 

Forward Looking Statement: This press release contains forward-looking statements for purposes  of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 (the “Act”). StemoniX, Inc.’s disclaims any intent or obligation to update these forward-looking statements and claims the protection of the  Safe Harbor for forward-looking statements contained in the Act. Examples of such statements include, but are not limited to, statements relating to StemoniX, Inc.’s research activities, expectations of current and future research activities, future operating results and potential for our products and services, and future revenues or growth. Any statements that are not historical fact (including, but not limited to, statements that contain words such as “will,” “believes,” “plans,” “anticipates,” “expects,” “estimates”) should also be considered to be forward-looking  statements. Forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties. Such statements are based on current expectations, but actual results may differ due to a variety of risks and uncertainties.  

Investor Contact:  

Ping Yeh, CEO 

StemoniX, Inc. 

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: (612) 807-9889

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