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January 5  

Annual Report: Investment 2016

Health technology start-ups are booming in Medical Alley, both in numbers of companies securing funding and in the amount being raised. In 2016, 53% of the health technology companies in Medical Alley that secured funding raised less than $1M, a 3-year high and an indicator of significant new company starts and strong prospects for record raises in 2017. Companies securing 1st raise funding totaled $152.1M, a 5-year high.

Since 2009, nearly $2.75B has been raised in Medical Alley. 2016 is the 3rd consecutive year that Medical Alley companies have raised more than $400M and the 5th consecutive year that 90 or more companies have secured funding (98 in 2016). Medical Device and Digital Health companies were the top earners, raising $252.22M and $127.34M respectively. Learn more in the full report!

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