Software Automates Billing, Time-Tracking and Visit Verification

November 17  

(Saint Paul, MN) –  Cashé Software, Minnesota’s leading provider of electronic Medicaid billing, announced today that it will offer a free version of its care management software to home health care providers that serve five or fewer clients. The agency management software from Cashé will allow providers to automate their Medicaid and Medicare insurance billing, time tracking and visit verification, among other services.

Cashé President Praba Manivasager said, “The spike in demand for care at home during COVID-19 has stretched the needs of many providers past their capacity and has spurred new startup agencies to fill the need.  We are acting now to provide free tools, including EVV and electronic time tracking to support essential caregivers. Hours spent managing manual processes and the complex billing required for reimbursement are hours that could be devoted to direct care,” said Manivasager. “Cashé’s mission is to support home care providers so they can be there for the vulnerable individuals who need them.”

Cashé is also offering a low subscription fee for Pavillio software to community and home-based care providers with a lower volume but who serve more than five patients.

Cashé Software processes more than $1 billion in Medicaid claims for Minnesotans each year. Besides saving providers the time required for administration of complex Medicaid billing, The use of Pavillio by Cashé is resulting in providers getting payments up to four weeks earlier with its 98 percent approval rating of first-time Medicaid submissions. The industry average is an 82 percent acceptance of initial claims. Costly claim rejections and resubmissions result from factors ranging from coding errors to the increasing complexity and constant regulatory changes that challenge agencies whose core competency is excellent patient care. The cash flow from faster payments allows agencies to keep services intact without disruption for vulnerable patients with disabilities.

Small and start-up caregiver organizations should apply for the software on the Pavillio website. Choose Pavillio for small and start-up agencies to download the free-or reduced fee software.

About Cashe Software

Cashé Software is Minnesota’s leading provider of electronic management of home health care services, processing more than $1 billion in Medicaid claims annually. Its new Pavillio platform for agency management provides integrated care management from scheduling to electronic visit verification, billing, and collection. Pavillio also provides electronic administration services to pharmacies and durable medical equipment providers.

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