Smart Meter Announces iGlucose® Integration with PointClickCare® for First-Ever Instant Transmission of Glucose Results to Patient Medical Records

March 16  

March 16, 2021Smart Meter, makers of the iGlucose cellular-connected blood glucose monitoring system, is proud to announce its partnership with PointClickCare, the leading cloud-based healthcare software for the long-term and post-acute care market. Through this partnership, care providers can now view patient blood glucose data in one Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform, eliminate manual glucose data entry or uploading, and reduce errors when they use the iGlucose system during COVID-19. Smart Meter integrates with PointClickCare’s core EHR platform and will be listed as an integrated offering on the PointClickCare Marketplace.

Designed to capture real-time glucose results and enable customers a singular view of patient information, this collaboration is particularly important for remote patient management; a practice that has seen exponential growth as a result of desires to limit patient interactions during COVID-19.

“Over 30 percent of our residents have diabetes,” notes Clara Berry, Vice President of Clinical Services at Advanced Healthcare Solutions, LLC, headquartered in Arlington, Texas. “Since we initiated the use of the iGlucose system, our clinical providers have been excited to see the actual blood glucose results and trends for each patient in real-time, whether they are in the facility or working remotely. Now, with PointClickCare enterprise-wide integration, all patient information is visible on one secure platform for a more complete patient profile that allows for improved diabetes control.”

“Integration with PointClickCare elevates the iGlucose system to an entirely new level of implementation ease and standardization,” says Casey Pittock, Smart Meter CEO. “The iGlucose meter has always immediately transmitted data to the iGlucose portal via AT&T’s vast cellular network and now it seamlessly populates to the EMR, resulting in one repository for all patient parameters.”

Under recent Federal Drug Administration guidance, iGlucose meters can be used for individual patients residing in long-term care facilities during COVID-19. Benefits of using the iGlucose system include:

  • Timely Patient Care: Quick identification of high/low glucose trends; physicians can remotely access patient results to take corrective measures.
  • Cost Containment: Elimination of manual glucose result data entry and reduced meter disinfection cycles. One-click population management highlights where interventions are needed.
  • Improved Workflow: No need for a docking station, cables, or Bluetooth® to transfer information to the EMR. The Smart Meter portal maintains activity logs suitable for billing remote patient management codes.

Additional information regarding the integration can be found on the PointClickCare Marketplace – an online platform that enables PointClickCare customers to easily evaluate authorized third-party technology partners. Partners listed on the PointClickCare Marketplace offer integrated apps and/or services that are designed to be quickly deployed and work seamlessly with a providers’ existing workflows.

To learn more about the iGlucose, iBloodPressure and other Smart Meter technologies, contact Smart Meter at 844-445-8267 or [email protected] or visit

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