POPS! Diabetes Care Announces the Commercial Launch of their POPS!® one System

March 15  

MINNEAPOLIS — (BUSINESS WIRE) — POPS! Diabetes Care announces the commercial launch of their POPS!® one diabetes management system following FDA clearance in November. The system is different from all other solutions in that it combines a simple consumer experience with virtual care recommendations.

“Our team has developed this solution for people with diabetes. It is an amazing milestone to announce that we have launched this system, and it is now in people’s hands to make their lives better and lower our clients’ healthcare costs.”

Lonny Stormo, CEO

The POPS!® one System is a virtual care approach to diabetes management. The digital health system provides users real-time behavior coaching using app algorithms that personalize to each user. POPS!’s virtual care provides a less invasive approach to people with diabetes.

Unlike other systems, the POPS! one System does not require users to wear any device or feel like a patient. Users can see their blood glucose simply and discretely anywhere with nothing extra to carry or charge. POPS! helps those with diabetes to own their lives.

About POPS! Diabetes Care, Inc.

We are a team that consists of people with diabetes and those who have loved ones with diabetes. We developed POPS! because we believe in simple and easy diabetes management. We believe in taking ownership of your life. We believe in people first.

For more information, visit https://popsdiabetescare.com/


Abby Koller
[email protected]

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