Perfect Circle Creative Joins Medical Alley

September 30  

Perfect Circle Creative is a full-service Minneapolis-based design studio specializing in the needs of the healthcare delivery system. 

We create technically accurate, deeply detailed and aesthetically pleasing materials that clearly convey information and messaging to your target audience.

Our work serves a wide range of industry stakeholder needs including:

  • Academia
  • National or international marketing
  • Patient education
  • Regulatory compliance 
  • Internal and external corporate communication

Clients include: Abbott Diagnostics, Advance Circulatory Systems, Children’s Surgery International, Data Trace, Elucent Medical, Ghost Productions, East, Mardil Medical, Medtronic, NeoCardial, Partners in Pediatrics, Phraxis, Rotation Medical, Transoma Medical, ZOLL… and many others.

We look forward to enhancing outreach communications for all the outstanding organizations within the Medical Alley family. 
To learn more about our services please visit:

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