New M Health Fairview Brand Launches Today

October 2  

MINNEAPOLIS – Following last September’s announcement of a joint clinical agreement between University of Minnesota, University of Minnesota Physicians, and Fairview Health Services, today marks the public launch of the new M Health Fairview brand. M Health Fairview represents the best of academic and community medicine, bringing world-class medical research and advances to thousands of Minnesotans as part of one of the state’s largest healthcare networks, providing expanded access to breakthrough care.

M Health Fairview closely links the University of Minnesota Medical Center – a hub for breakthrough medical research – with Fairview’s extensive network of 10 hospitals, 60 primary care clinics, and numerous other services, providing top-tier care.

M Health Fairview focuses on creating an easier, simpler healthcare experience for patients, designing the care experience around them; an approach built on significant learning and collaboration, including educational visits to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Southwest Airlines and FedEx. 

The M Health Fairview name will be paired with an iconic symbol: The University of Minnesota’s block “M” and maroon and gold colors.  Patients and consumers will start to see television and digital ads introducing the new brand, and in November the healthcare system will begin to brand hospitals and clinics with the M Health Fairview name. 

A Closer Look at the M Health Fairview Partnership

New M Health Fairview service lines create an easier, simpler healthcare experience for patients. Each service line organizes around specific health conditions rather than traditional boundaries, such as geographic areas or departments. Led by a single leadership structure pairing academic physicians with operations leaders, the service line approach translates healthcare innovations developed at the University of Minnesota, into breakthrough care at the community level.

“We have opportunity in Minnesota to transform how we deliver and experience healthcare,” said Jakub Tolar, MD, PhD, dean of the University of Minnesota Medical School and Vice President for Academic Clinical Affairs. “The health system is a platform to deliver better care, more efficiently. We will leverage the advancements and discoveries of our researchers and physicians and bring them to people in the community on a large scale. This will positively impact the health of Minnesotans, bringing specialty care to more neighborhoods and strengthen our reputation as a national and global destination for care.”

“A major goal of our collaboration is to reinvent healthcare by creating an easier, simpler experience,” said James Hereford, Fairview President and CEO. “By organizing care around health conditions rather than being constrained by traditional boundaries, we are simplifying the care experience and bringing top experts together for patients no matter where they see us, which could include a clinic, hospital, home, the workplace or via telemedicine.”

In addition to combining academic and community medicine, and delivering breakthrough care through service lines, other highlights of the new M Health Fairview brand include:

Health Transformation Center:  A key technological component is a new Health Transformation Center, which brings system challengers together to remove burden for patients and providers. Educational trips to NASA’s Johnson Space Center, FedEx and Southwest Airlines helped Fairview create its own “mission control,” which uses artificial intelligence to better manage patient traffic and reduce patients’ length of stay, so they can return home faster. Telemedicine will also increasingly become part of the M Health Fairview experience to provide improved access and convenience for patients throughout the state and beyond.

Removing Complexities: Across our organizations, health champions are working to eliminate the complexities that get in the way of an outstanding patient experience. This includes working to streamline the way people can get in touch with M Health Fairview providers and working to simplify the billing process and billing documents.

Strengthening Primary Care: Primary care is the primary entry point into everything that M Health Fairview offers. Primary care practitioners are among thousands of “moment makers” across M Health Fairview – people who help patients reach milestones and achieve moments that matter most to them.  Approximately 70 percent of Minnesota’s physicians were trained at the University of Minnesota Medical School. M Health Fairview will continue to help develop new models of care, influence the broader primary care landscape, and ensure Minnesota has a vital supply of highly trained physicians.

Funding for Healthcare Innovation: The University of Minnesota, the state’s only public medical school, has a 131-year history of medical innovation. M Health Fairview bolsters that tradition by increasing research funding at the University of Minnesota Medical School. This will fuel development of new treatments and therapies for patients, benefitting the health of people across the state and beyond.

M Health Fairview is the newly expanded collaboration between the University of Minnesota, University of Minnesota Physicians, and Fairview Health Services. The healthcare system combines the best of academic and community medicine-–expanding access to world-class, breakthrough care through our 10 hospitals and 60 clinics.

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