Neo-Bionica’s Expansion Continues to the US: Supporting the Neurotech and advanced MedTech Innovation Revolution

September 25  

In a monumental stride toward US expansion, Neo-Bionica is proud to announce its official foray into the US market. This strategic move signifies a pivotal moment in the company’s journey, representing a commitment to advancing neurotechnology and transforming lives. While Neo-Bionica has served US clients since its inception, the company has cemented its commitment to this market with the appointment of a US-based team including Uli Gommel as the Chief Technology Officer supported by JoJo Platt supporting US business development. Together with the Australian-based team, Neo-Bionica is poised to revolutionize neurotechnology in the United States.

Uli Gommel: A Visionary Leader with Global Expertise

With an illustrious career spanning nearly two decades, Uli is a pivotal figure in the neurotechnology landscape. As the newly appointed CTO of Neo-Bionica, Uli brings a wealth of experience in product development, from ideation to market launch, and a customer-focused leadership style.

Uli’s journey in the industry commenced at Siemens, where he honed his skills as a mechanical engineer. Over the years, he has been instrumental in the development of groundbreaking medical devices, showcasing his proficiency in a complex and dynamic industry. His expertise extends from concept inception to manufacturing and commercialization.

Before joining Neo-Bionica, Uli served in a variety of leadership roles at Advanced Bionics, a leading player in the neurotechnology field. There, he contributed significantly to the development of fully implantable medical devices, showcasing his proficiency in complex, life-changing technologies.

Neo-Bionica’s CEO, Dr. Ludovic Labat, expressed confidence in Uli’s appointment, stating “Not only does Uli’s expertise and vision align perfectly with our mission to help companies realize the promise of bioelectric devices, but his presence in the US also signals our commitment to serving the needs of this significant market. With his leadership, Neo-Bionica will continue to grow quickly and smartly.”

Neo-Bionica’s Global Team: Skills and Talent Driving Innovation

Behind every successful endeavor lies a dedicated team, and Neo-Bionica is no exception. The Australian-based team brings a diverse array of skills and talents to the table. With a strong foundation in preclinical work and scientific aspects of neurotech, the team is well-equipped to support the company’s expansion to the US market. The collective knowledge and experience of the Australian-based team form the bedrock upon which Neo-Bionica’s innovative solutions are built. Their ability to seamlessly integrate scientific expertise with practical application is a testament to their dedication and skill.

The Neo-Bionica team consists of highly experienced industry and academic professionals with backgrounds in MedTech, mechanical and electronic engineering and previous experience from top-tier institutions including Invetech, Medtronic, Cochlear, Bionics Institute and Planet Innovation.

Neo-Bionica was established in 2021 to meet a need in the Australian market. Australia has deep expertise in the development of advanced MedTech and Neurotech devices, spearheaded by Cochlear, a global leader in cochlear implants founded and headquartered in Australia. However, smaller Australian MedTech innovators needed to go overseas to prototype and manufacture their devices. Neo-Bionica was established to solve this Australian need, and since its establishment, its expertise and services have been in high demand from not only local innovators but international clients with 70% of revenue earned through non-Australian clients. Given this demand, Neo-Bionica fast-tracked its plan to establish a permanent foothold in the US.

Neo-Bionica’s technical capabilities and skills position them as a pioneering force in neurotechnology device development, leveraging a robust set of technical capabilities and skills to propel the industry forward.

Expertise in Neuromodulation: Neo-Bionica boasts a profound knowledge and experience in the domain of neuromodulation. This encompasses the manipulation of neural circuits to alleviate neurological conditions.

Product Development Prowess: With a seasoned team of engineers and developers, Neo-Bionica excels in every aspect of product development. From concept ideation and prototyping design, manufacturing, and market launch, they demonstrate proficiency across the entire product lifecycle.

Advanced Implantable Technologies: The company specializes in the creation of fully implantable medical devices, exemplifying their mastery in developing sophisticated technologies that interface seamlessly with the human nervous system.

Innovative Electrode Design: Neo-Bionica’s technical team excels in designing electrodes for neurostimulation and recording applications. These electrodes are engineered to precision, ensuring optimal efficacy and safety in clinical settings.

Hermetic Enclosures: Neo-Bionica’s capabilities extend to crafting hermetic enclosures, vital components that protect internal electronics from environmental factors and ensure the longevity and reliability of implantable devices.

Antenna Development: The company demonstrates proficiency in antenna design, a crucial aspect of implantable devices that enables wireless communication and power transfer.

Process Engineering and Manufacturing: Neo-Bionica’s expertise encompasses the entire process engineering and manufacturing spectrum, ensuring that devices are produced with the highest quality and compliance standards.

Preclinical Work and Scientific Expertise: Neo-Bionica stands on the shoulders of giants, collaborating with esteemed institutions like the University of Melbourne and the Bionics Institute. This partnership provides them with unparalleled preclinical and scientific expertise.

Clinical Understanding: Neo-Bionica’s team brings a deep understanding of clinical applications to the table, thanks to their association with the Bionics Institute. The unique blend of clinical and technical expertise enables them to bridge the gap between research and commercialization.

User-Centric Approach: Neo-Bionica places a strong emphasis on understanding user needs, recognizing that successful neurotechnological solutions must be tailored to enhance the lives of patients and clinicians alike.

JoJo Platt: Strategic Support for Neo-Bionica’s US Endeavor

To bolster Neo-Bionica’s continued growth in the US market, JoJo Platt stands alongside Uli Gommel as a critical support figure. Her extensive experience and strategic acumen in the neurotechnology industry make her an invaluable asset to the team. With her neurotech-focused network, Neo-Bionica is poised to accelerate their US development.

The Strength of Collaboration: Neo-Bionica believes in the power of collaboration. With customers as the true focus of the innovation journey. By fostering an environment of open communication and shared vision, Neo-Bionica ensures that every project is a collective effort, harnessing the unique expertise and insights of both their internal team and that of the client. This collaborative approach allows Neo-Bionica to gain a deep understanding of customers’ needs, aspirations, and the challenges they face. Each project results in solutions that not only meet industry standards but exceed client expectations. Through this synergy, Neo-Bionica drives innovation forward, delivering neurotechnology solutions that not only improve patient outcomes, but empower innovators. Neo-Bionica is not just designing products, they are shaping the future of healthcare.

About Neo-Bionica: Neo-Bionica is an advanced Medtech manufacturer that specializes in providing commercialization and manufacturing services to develop digitally enabled bionic and smart medical device innovations. Neo-Bionica’s expertise includes developing AI-powered devices designed to restore human function and smart sensors capable of intelligently monitoring human physiology.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Neo-Bionica has quickly gained recognition within the industry providing services to Australian and multi-national MedTech clients. Neo-Bionica is proud to be empowering the next generation of MedTech innovators with advanced manufacturing services.

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