Minnesota Pipeline Dual Training Grant Program Funding Now Available

April 27  

Approximately $2.7 million is available to support the related instruction component of companies’ dual-training programs.

Grants Available

Applications for the Dual Training Grant Program are being accepted through May 8, 2020. This funding opportunity accompanies the Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline competency models and is administered by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education. The funding can be used to cover the related instruction component of companies’ dual-training programs.

View more information and review the Request for Application from the Office of Higher Education.


The Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline has available tools and resources for developing and writing the on-the-job training plans for dual-training programs.

The Related Instruction Inventory lists training providers that could support your dual- training program. It is updated to include all previous and new occupations.


Contact us at [email protected]. We are here to support employers as they establish and grow dual-training programs.

Questions about the Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline?

Contact the PIPELINE team at 651-284-5353 or [email protected].

For more information, visit the Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline website.

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