Minnesota Named Second-Best State in U.S. For Jobs

February 9  

According to job search website Zippia, Minnesota is the second-best state in the U.S. for jobs! The site used a number of factors in creating their list, including median income, unemployment rate, and a cost of living metric to help job-seekers see where the most opportunities were as well as where their income would go furthest. Minnesota has long been known for its extremely high quality of life and educated workforce, but appearing high on lists like this help produce another stream of talented workers to fill the open opportunities here.

With state unemployment near a record low and businesses like Boston Scientific, Minnetronix Medical, Relievant Medical Systems, and Philips all planning expansions in the state, the time is right to pursue a career in Medical Alley, Minnesota’s vibrant health technology ecosystem. Over 500,000 people are employed statewide in health technology and care, giving you a community of colleagues to join on day one and plenty of employers that are looking for a wide variety of skillsets. 

If you want to see what it’s like to work in Minnesota for yourself, check out our job board for open roles at the world’s most dynamic health technology and care organizations. If you’re looking for talented people to join your organization, we encourage you to post your openings with us, as our job board is one of the most heavily trafficked pages on our site. 

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