MentorMate Helps Minnesota-Based Clients Combat COVID-19

February 4  

Minneapolis, MN, 02.04.2020 /PRNEWS/ — As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact daily life around the world, custom software development firm MentorMate partnered with several clients to combat its effects. From helping with testing efforts to boosting people’s mental health to keeping public places clean, technology is at the core of everything. 


In order for companies around the world to return to in-person work, a number of different safeguards must be put in place first. ProtectWell is a digital solution that standardizes those safeguards with simple symptom tracking and resources. 

Using the ProtectWell mobile app, employees simply respond to a set of yes/no questions based on common COVID-19 symptoms. Depending on the responses given, the app either clears them for building entry or advises them to stay home. If given the green light, a “Cleared” status will appear and a QR code is generated that can be used to enter their workplace for the day. 

Currently, ProtectWell is in use by many different organizations and higher education institutions to provide clearance for a return-to-work/school environment. But that’s just the beginning. MentorMate and ProtectWell are working on a 2.0 version of the system that incorporates an individual use case. As businesses like retail stores, gyms, and restaurants across the country begin to welcome customers back into their facilities, ProtectWell 2.0 ensures they’re able to get back together. 

Taylor Corporation — scentcard™ & Scent Check™ 

Taylor Corporation has numerous safeguards in place to ensure employee safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. After piloting a smell test in its own facilities, Taylor saw an opportunity to scale it up and offer it to customers as well. Thus, scentcard™ and Scent Check™ were born. 

The products use scratch and sniff technology with scented inks and numerous common scents. Before employees can begin work for the day, they check in at an HR checkpoint, get their temperature taken, and conduct the smell test using either Scent Check or scentcard. Taylor enrolled MentorMate to design and build a digital product to enable users to scan a QR code, register their answers online, and provide reporting and alerts to employers. 

Since time was of the essence, MentorMate and Taylor worked quickly. Very quickly. Kicking off the project at the beginning of September, the first version of the app was deployed on October 9 and the second at the end of October. A clickable prototype was also created allowing Taylor to train and prepare in advance of the launch and create useful materials to help customers understand how it all worked. 

Scent Check and scentcard have been implemented in manufacturing, construction, warehousing and distribution, schools, home healthcare organizations, and long-term care facilities. Taylor has scaled its production to produce millions of tests per week. 

Valley Medical & Wellness 

As part of Valley Medical and Wellness’s work in chronic pain and addiction care, they already have a high-complexity toxicology lab in their facilities. With just a few equipment upgrades, they were able to quickly spring into action at the outset of the pandemic and help with COVID-19 testing efforts. 

MentorMate built a system to assist in the patient registration and insurance validation processes. Patient information is still individually validated but it’s done outside of testing hours rather than in the moment with a line of cars waiting. By freeing up techs to focus on testing rather than data verification, Valley Medical prioritizes making testing available for all. They’re now able to test hundreds of patients each day rather than the 20 that they were able to test before having the tool we built. 

About MentorMate: 

In 2001*, MentorMate began developing mobile apps. In the years since, MentorMate’s robust list of services has grown to include strategic consulting, UI/UX design, cloud services, project management, web development, quality assurance, artificial intelligence, continuation engineering, and, of course, mobile development. MentorMate delivers innovative software solutions that tackle tech challenges in healthcare, manufacturing, finance, education, and more. With teams in Minnesota, Sweden, and Bulgaria, MentorMate constantly pushes the boundaries and remains at the forefront of emerging technologies. Learn more at 

*Not a typo. We actually started developing mobile apps way back then. 

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