Medical Alley Sets YTD Invesment Record of $225.8M After Q3 Raises of $117M

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October 5  

Medical Alley-based health technology companies in Minnesota raised a record $335.8M YTD after adding $117M in Q3. Since 2009, $2.6B has been raised in Medical Alley.

Since 2013, Medical Alley companies have consecutively established new records for investment year-over-year, with an all-time high of $448M in 2015; up 77% from just a few years earlier.  2016 is trending to be another record-setting year in Minnesota, with $335.8M raised thus far, exceeding the previous Q1-3 high in 2014 by $22.5M. Q3 saw 38 companies raise $117M. With recent Q4 investment totals exceeding $100M, Medical Alley is poised to demonstrate another extraordinary year in 2016

Medical Alley’s dominance in medical device innovation was confirmed again in Q3. Minnesota device companies raised $102.4M this quarter.  YTD, 33 device companies have raised a total of $201.6M. Medical Alley’s major Q3 investments include Torax Medical and Cogentix Medical, each raising $25M. Also topping the list were Osprey Medical ($21M), CVRx ($11.2M) and Rotation Medical ($8M). Leading investors in 2016 include NEA, Sanderling Ventures, Johnson & Johnson Innovation and Kaiser Permanente Ventures.

Medical Alley’s historic expertise is now fueling the digital health revolution. Explosive growth in digital health is the new normal in the region as the sector has now captured 31% of all health technology investment dollars for 2016 YTD. An unprecedented $104.3M of digital health investment in the first three quarters has already exceeded all of 2015 by 48%. While Q3 investment was a modest $4.9M, Medical Alley expects this annualized growth to continue across the digital health landscape. Finally, Medical Alley continued to see healthy investment in other health technology sectors through Q3, including pharmaceuticals/biotech ($14.5M), diagnostics ($5.1M) and research tools ($5.2M).

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