Listening, Understanding, Acting

June 12  

Article courtesy of 3M

Since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, we have been intentional about listening to our employees, especially those in our African American community. We listened to their pain, to their anger, and to their exhaustion spurred by the horrific death of George Floyd and the ensuing protests and civil unrest that continues to shake the world.

Taking time to listen and understand was our first step as a company. We purposefully created space for our employees to voice their feelings, experiences and ideas. These conversations were challenging, but they needed to happen.  Thousands of 3Mers participated in a virtual conversation that started the dialogue.

These past few days of reflection and work have fostered greater solidarity and provided us with better clarity on our next steps as a company. This time must be different, and 3M is committed to being part of the solution. This includes rethinking our own internal policies and practices that might be contributing to racial disparities and inequities. It also includes taking actions to accelerate social justice, help our communities rebuild, demand police reform and combat racism.

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