Laughter Paired With Technology

April 3  

Partnership Takes Aim at Clinician Burnout

The Brave New Workshop (BNW) and Benovate have announced a year-long partnership to deliver scalable, human-centered experiences, which will help clinicians build resilience, improve communication and move the Quadruple Aim needle for their organizations.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) unrolled the term “Triple Aim” in 2007 and it became a well-established framework for optimizing health care delivery (the “Triple Aim” of ‘better health care, better patient experience and lower health care costs’), but its focus was primarily on the patient experience. After further research and the acknowledgment of clinician burnout, the fourth element of ‘higher clinician satisfaction’ was added to the accepted metric for delivering quality health care, and the term “Quadruple Aim” was instituted.

Acknowledging that the COVID – 19 crisis has elevated the level of clinician burnout even further, Benovate and BNW are offering a 90 day, no charge use of Benovate’s app and BNW’s clinician – focused content paired with laughter-filled virtual conversation events facilitated by BNW. The program aims to help clinicians activate a mindset that can help stay resilient.

BNW has been delivering unmatched, interactive learning experiences to healthcare professionals for 20+ years. Now with Benovate’s personalized technology platform and know-how, thousands of professionals can practice a mindset and set of behaviors that will bring the Quadruple Aim to life.

“Even before the COVID-19 crisis clinician burnout was at a record high. Now more than ever, we have the responsibility to care for our society’s clinicians. We are thrilled to do our part and join forces with an expert partner such as Benovate and invest in making a difference,” said Elena Imaretska, Chief Innovation Officer at Brave New Workshop.

With proven techniques rooted in the latest adult learning, user co-creation, behavioral activation, and neuroscience best practices, BNW and Benovate are equipping healthcare organizations with tangible ways to improve their patient and provider experiences.

“Like other behavioral health conditions, burnout can be an elusive thing to measure,” says Mark Walinske, CEO/President of Benovate. “Our app not only helps to detect burn-out, it helps to build self-awareness and personalized ways to self-manage away from the burnout condition, much like having a trusted friend offering advice – in your pocket. That’s especially critical in fast paced, zero-fault tolerant environments such as healthcare settings.”

For healthcare systems and stand-alone practices interested in registering for the no charge offer, contact Mark Walinske (952-994-7750) or Elena Imaretska (612-360-3803) to get a special passcode to gain access to the Benovate app.

About Benovate

Benovate has been a well-being platform delivery company since 2011. The patented platform delivers real-time content personalization to any web-enabled device and combines unifying data, micro-assessments, gamification, incentives, benefits, and activities into a single place to empower and engage members to improve their total well-being. Benovate creates a dynamic assessment relevant to each individual member based on their preferences and health risks. The platform focuses on the entire picture of members total well-being, including nutrition, physical activities, relationships, personal growth and financial well-being. Easy-to-use analytics and administrative tools allows real-time understanding and targeted and tailored behavior change initiatives to be easily implemented and measured.

About Brave New Workshop

Founded in 1958 by Dudley Riggs, the Brave New Workshop (BNW) has grown to include the longest running satirical and improv comedy theatre in the U.S., a pioneering institute for personal development, a thriving corporate training business, and top business speakers. BNW’s unique and interactive learning experiences transform people’s thinking and behavior for the better through a laughter-filled methodology stemming from 20+ years of helping Fortune 500 clients deliver meaningful training that moves the needle for their people. More and better ideas, more collaboration, more discovery, less fear — that’s what the BNW stands for. Their world-class facilitators deliver live and virtual thought-provoking sessions helping professionals discover how to increase their organizations’ ability to perform and thrive in complex, unpredictable, business environments.

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