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For individuals between employment opportunities in the healthcare industry, Medical Alley offers a one year in-transition membership. This no cost membership allows an individual to access member only events at the member rate. Please fill out the form below to apply for an In-Transition membership. For questions about this membership, contact Conner O’Brien

Please contact Brian Strub, Membership Director to learn more, join or renew:

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Click on your company's annual revenue below to see your annual membership fee. For the remainder of 2018, all memberships will include the remainder of 2018 dues along with the entire 2019 dues. 

  • $0 - $500,000
  • $500,001 - $3 m
  • $3.1 - $10 m
  • $10.1 - $20 M
  • $20.1 - $40 M
  • $40.1 - $60M
  • $60.1 - $100 M
  • $100.1 - $250 M
  • $250.1 - $750 M
  • over $750 M

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