Introducing MentorMate 5.0

October 26  

Minneapolis, MN, 26.102021 /PRNEWS/ — From their global headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to their six worldwide offices, MentorMate has had a year of celebration for their 20th anniversary, evolving their structure and digital capabilities to best suit the software needs of their clients.

In 2001, MentorMate was founded on a patent for memory retention and a passion for education. This vision quickly expanded to become an innovative mobile app to aid high school students in learning foreign languages. They continued to grow and, with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, made the pivot to an end-to-end development company, now offering their services to some of the most innovative clients in the world, including AstraZeneca, Royal Bank of Canada, Junior Achievement, UnitedHealth Group, and more. 

Over the last two decades, their team has successfully completed over 1400 projects. Several of these include recent solutions designed to combat the effects of the pandemic directly, from testing registration software to IoT-enabled cleaning machines to apps designed to help people safely return to work. Today, MentorMate is a global company with over 700 employees in 5 continents, 8 time zones, 20 countries, and they continue to grow. 

“When we set goals, we achieve them. From inception to today, we’ve been able to grow through servant leadership, through combining humility with strength. It is really remarkable what the team has achieved over this time period and the lives and businesses we’ve been fortunate to touch as a result. But there is so much left to do and I have a feeling the best is yet to come,” comments Björn Stansvik, CEO at MentorMate.

MentorMate’s success was mainly driven by recent areas of innovation, including creating a human-centered design team operating on two continents, offering comprehensive design services. Another key factor was achieving more than 100 certifications and accreditations between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure by 33 individuals from their Cloud team in a single year. They also created a new Consulting Practice to provide insight driven Business Architecture and Technical Architecture guidance to their clients. All these improvements are in support of MentorMate’s goal of being a long-term solution provider for their rapidly expanding portfolio.

In recognition of their change, MentorMate underwent a complete rebrand that better represents their maturity and future growth. 

Deny Royal, VP of Design shares: “No matter what business you are in, almost every company is now a digital product owner. Whether you set out to be that or not, consumers demand it. Every industry is going through a broad digital transformation. We use Human-Centered Design as a strategic advantage for our customers and help them navigate this transformation.”

About MentorMate:

In 2001, MentorMate began developing mobile apps. In the years since, MentorMate’s robust list of services has grown to include strategic consulting, design, cloud services, DevOps, web development, quality assurance, software support, and, of course, mobile development. MentorMate delivers innovative software solutions that tackle tech challenges in healthcare, manufacturing, finance, education, and more. With teams in Minnesota, Sweden, and Bulgaria, MentorMate continually pushes the boundaries and remains at the forefront of emerging technologies. Learn more at

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