Inflatable Medical Tents – Triage and Remote Testing Structures for Disaster Relief & Emergencies

April 5  

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, custom inflatable manufacturer, Landmark Creations, has reallocated their design and production talent to produce three new inflatable medical tents for the rapid deployment of medical services, including pop-up clinics, testing sites, and triage.
The new medical tent designs are based on Landmark’s Rehab Tent products which have been widely used as relief tents by firefighters and EMS teams for over fifteen years.

The three standard inflatable tent designs include a small 12x14x16’ model, a medium 12x14x25’ model, and a larger 14x20x30’ design. All three tent systems include message areas and hardware for standard sized banners on all sides. Custom banners can be purchased along with the inflatable tents or ordered at sign shops, so information can be easily updated as needed from event to event.

Weighing only 80#, the small 12x14x16’ tent is easy to set up, take down, and transport with a single user. It offers 12×14’ of interior space and message areas on all four sides, including 4×2’ banners over the front and back doors, and side areas for 12×2’ banners.

The medium 12x14x25’ tent adds a second area to the smaller tent, which can be separated into a second chamber if needed. This tent allows messaging space for the same banners as the smaller version plus four additional 4×2’ banners. Both small and medium tent systems can be linked together to create larger spaces.

The largest 14x20x30’ tent can accommodate vehicle deliveries, and includes large screened side windows for cross ventilation, and messaging areas for six 12×2’ side banners and two 12×2’ front/back banners.
Landmark’s inflatable tent systems have been designed to include features that are useful in the field.

The front and back walls of each tent include zipper doors which can be rolled up and secured with fabric ties for ventilation, or zipped closed for climate control, containment or privacy. The side walls feature clear windows along with internal fabric panels which also roll down for privacy.
Tent ceilings include hardware for hanging portable lights, allowing for 24-hour use. Built-in LED light kits are also available.

Side walls also include vent panels which can be cut to fit external ducted A/C and heating systems.

Once on-site, the inflatable shelter can be standing within five-minutes. Equally important, inflatables deflate and roll up with ease allowing medical staff to arrive and depart scenes with little effort during disaster relief. Fan systems which keep the inflatable tents standing use standard power outlets, and can easily plug into on site power or portable generators.

When used outdoors, inflatable tents include hardware and tethers allowing them to be secured on-site using ballast bags, weights or ground stakes.

Because Landmark’s medical tents are cold-air inflatables (meaning they require a fan system to stay inflated), they are constructed from a lighter weight material than their sealed (airtight) counterparts, which makes them very easy to transport. The standard tent systems pack into 30” round carrying bags, and weigh between 80# (small system) to 150# (large system). They can be transported using standard SUVs, trucks, or vans and conveniently stored when not in use. Cold-air inflatables also carry less risk of failure in the field than sealed systems because they will stay inflated even if punctured, and there is no risk leaking or faulty valves which can occur with sealed inflatable structures.

Demonstration videos of setting up and deflating each of these systems is featured on their website.

Tent systems are made from flame retardant NFPA tested materials, and include a two- year warranty. Inflatable medical tents are currently manufactured in Burnsville, Minnesota and are available within 1-3 weeks. Systems include installation hardware, fan (blower) system, and carrying bag. Custom sizes and shapes can also be made to order.

About Landmark Creations

Landmark Creations has been manufacturing premier custom inflatables for events and promotions since 1986. Based in Burnsville, Minnesota, they employ a team of 23 people and 2 office dogs.


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