Global Tech Giant looks to Medical Alley for The Future of Healthcare

February 17  

Global technology giant Cisco Systems visited Medical Alley with a dozen key Australian customers to better ascertain the future direction of healthcare. In what has become an annual tour of the U.S., Cisco’s Australian division visits technology and health innovation sites around the U.S. including Minneapolis, San Francisco, and Boston. The group sought perspectives on novel ways to improve healthcare system performance and to discuss the challenges of adopting new technology.

In response to increasing global attention for the region, Medical Alley was added to the 2019 program. Having visited Apple and Kaiser Permanente in California prior to coming to Medical Alley, the attendees specifically sought insights from innovative small and emerging organizations. The Medical Alley community did not disappoint.

Eight different Association members helped facilitate conversations. Invenshure, the Minneapolis-based health technology incubator, opened the program with a discussion on transparency in healthcare. The CEOs of Vidscrip, ClinicianNexus, and Zipnosis then delved into the challenges and opportunities innovative companies have to improve healthcare productivity. The next three companies, Stella, gener8tor, and Treehouse Health, provided insights into the development and financing of novel innovation, as well as some of the challenges health systems have when adopting new technology. And finally, closing the program was a conversation between the attendees and representatives from Mayo Clinic on information technology and opportunities for international collaboration.

Medical Alley Association would like to thank all the members that shared their time and knowledge and made this visit successful. By welcoming guests from around the world, we disseminate the unique knowledge of this community and open new opportunities for business development. Australia has become a key market for Minnesota in medical device and biotechnology; this visit demonstrated there are opportunities for Medical Alley’s fast-growing digital health community to do business down under as well.

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