Geneticure Presents Data Demonstrating Potential of its Multi-Gene Weighted Algorithm to Lower Blood Pressure in Hypertension Patients

April 9  

Presentation at the ASPET Annual Meeting at EB 2019 highlights association between a scientifically-weighted multi-gene algorithm and blood pressure response to pharmacotherapy

Rochester, MN – April 9, 2019 – Geneticure, Inc., a leading personalized medicine company dedicated to the promise of using an individual’s genetics to help guide treatment, today announced the presentation of data demonstrating that blood pressure (BP) in patients who used a hypertension (HTN) medication recommended by Geneticure was approximately 36 percent lower than in patients who were prescribed HTN medication that did not align with the Geneticure recommendation. This groundbreaking research was presented during a poster session at the the ASPET Annual Meeting at EB 2019 and was also published in the February 2019 issue of the Journal of Clinical Medicine.

The ASPET poster, titled, “Relationship Between a Weighted Multi-Gene Algorithm and Blood Pressure Control in Hypertension,” highlighted a retrospective clinical study of 384 non-smokers with a family history of HTN to assess the association between a weighted multi-gene algorithm and BP control in patients with HTN. To accomplish this, researchers identified 17 genotypes, which were weighted and entered into an algorithm to predict the pharmacotherapy with the greatest impact for each individual patient. Three-years of data were assessed at six-month intervals for BP and medication history.

At the onset of treatment, there was no measurable difference in BP between groups matching the top drug recommendation using the multi-gene weighted algorithm (n=92) vs. those who did not match (n=292). However, from diagnosis to conclusion of the study, patients who matched the primary recommendation had a significantly greater drop in BP when compared to patients who did not (p<0.05 for systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure). Importantly, the magnitude of the difference recorded in this study is known to be associated with a significant reduction in heart attack and stroke risk.

“Most common blood pressure medications have a variable response in patients, and we know that part of this has to do with genetic variation in organs that are important to blood pressure,” stated Eric Snyder, Ph.D, co-founder and COO at Geneticure. “It’s exciting to have results that show we can use our genes to improve health outcomes by identifying medications that are more likely to be successful on a personal level. At Geneticure, we’re looking to fulfill the promise of personalized medicine by looking at disease- specific pharmacogenomics panels, beyond drug metabolism, that appreciate the integrative and multi- organ cause of disease.”

“Many patients are unable to achieve blood pressure control despite being prescribed medication,” said Scott Snyder, co-founder and CEO of Geneticure. “This is due to the complexity of hypertension and functional variants of the major organ systems impacted by the disease, which leads to variability in medication response. The research presented at ASPET demonstrates, for the first time, the potential of a scientifically-weighted multi-gene algorithm to identify the optimal medication for hypertension patients based on their individual genetic make-up.”

Geneticure’s genetic test for hypertension is now available commercially. Individuals can submit a genetic cheek-swab sample from home with physician oversight or through their own primary care doctor. Patients receive a customized report of recommended hypertension medication(s), which can then be used to optimize care under the guidance of their physician. The report has the potential to help patients save on health care costs by potentially reducing the number of office visits and prescriptions that may be needed to determine the right, most-effective solution to control their blood pressure.

About Geneticure

Geneticure Inc. is a leading personalized medicine company dedicated to the promise of using an individual’s genetics to help guide their treatment. Geneticure’s proprietary approach leverages a unique understanding for the integrative physiology in complex and chronic diseases. This allows Geneticure’s tests to be tailored for each specific disease and the underlying genetics influential to treatment response. An evidence-first company, Geneticure focuses on clinical research demonstrating improved outcomes and improved health-economics, supporting the shift from one-size-fits-all medicine to precision medicine. For more information, visit

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