For the Record with Mike Kemper, President & CEO, Lake Air Products

July 1  

Mike Kemper, President & CEO of Lake Air Products, is an experienced global business leader with extensive domestic and international leadership experience across operations, engineering, sales, and marketing for diverse industries.

Lake Air Products combines full-service fabrication and assembly, innovative design engineering, and world-class customer support to be the one-source manufacturer you need to turn the ideas of today into the products of tomorrow.

What is Lake Air Products?

Lake Air focusses on being an Advanced Manufacturing Partner for our OEM customers. Lake Air is an electromechanical contract manufacturer with full capabilities in fabrication, stamping, machining, welding, paint, & assembly.

What was your professional journey that led you to working for Lake Air Products?

Lake Air began as a fabrication company. The leadership team developed and implemented the strategy of expanding as a full advanced manufacturing partner focusing on the Medical, A&D, and industrial equipment markets.

Can you share some things your organization has done that you are most proud of?

Lake Air has grown by 500% in the last 5 years during our evolution from Fabrication & stamping to a fully integrated advanced manufacturer, with 70% of our business being partial or final assemblies for our OEM partners.

Lake Air invests heavily into integration of automation and robotics to support growth, quality, speed & cost.

What motivates you as a leader?

The successful development and growth of an organization, its customers, and employees has been the most exciting part of business.

How do you see the healthcare industry changing in the next 5-10 years, and what is your organization doing to stay ahead of those changes?

In the medical industry we see the continued development of robotic applications for surgeries and other support functions, more investment in diagnostic and early detection methods/equipment, increased development of self-monitoring or evaluation devices or applications, and eventually AI for more of the initial patient assessments.

Lake Air is partnered with many medical equipment OEM’s that are investing in robotics, diagnostic equipment as well as support equipment. We provide early design recommendations, fast prototyping, and full capabilities to support equipment through the qualification processes.

How does your company prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion, both in terms of your workforce and the services you offer?

Lake Air has always employed a diverse work force at our many locations and has been an open and inclusive organization. We simply want the “Right People…Best Teams” which is why it is 1 of our core values. 

What do you see as the biggest opportunity and challenge facing the healthcare industry in Medical Alley?

The ability to adapt, change, and manage the new technological developments and process required for the evolving needs in the medical industry is one of the largest opportunities and challenges.

What is your favorite thing about the Medical Alley community?

The ability to network and discuss emerging or changes in the medical manufacturing world with established and experienced medical market executives.

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