Flywheel Launches Enterprise-Scale Medical Imaging Solution for Life Sciences

June 7  

The solution streamlines and leverages imaging data assets and machine learning workflows, helping organizations increase R&D efficiency

MINNEAPOLIS, June 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Flywheel, a leading research data platform designed for the academic, clinical and life science communities, announced today its launch of Flywheel for Life Sciences. Flywheel for Life Sciences is an enterprise-scale research data management solution helping organizations realize their digital transformation strategy and improve R&D efficiency. 

Data is the Key to Life Sciences R&D 
A digital transformation is underway in the life sciences and organizations are motivated to reduce R&D costs, improve operational efficiencies and shorten drug development timelines. To be successful, these organizations need to cost-effectively leverage high-quality data for the exploration of new solutions and reuse data collaboratively within data science & research teams. However, traditional R&D infrastructures are insufficient for large-scale data collection, complex data validation, automated quality controls, and scaling processing (and AI) pipelines.

Next-Gen Imaging Research Platform to Drive R&D Efficiency and AI Initiatives
With a unique strength in managing medical imaging data, Flywheel offers a scalable research-first platform that can capture imaging and related data from multiple siloed sources, including CROs and historical clinical trials. Flywheel integrates with existing data pipelines and software tools to ingest multi-modal data, and then consolidate, curate, validate, and disseminate that data to analytics and machine learning platforms. With the provenance to support regulatory approvals and scientific reproducibility, Flywheel supports secure collaboration to solve problems with multi-disciplinary teams internal and external to organizations. 

Now with Flywheel for Life Sciences, the solution incorporates new enterprise scaling features that help support the needs of large, global life sciences organizations and their massive volumes of data from diverse sources all over the world. These features include high speed bulk loading, horizontal and vertical scaling, version control deployments and the provenance to support audit readiness.

Cloud-Scale Solution Backed by Professional Services 
Flywheel leverages the full power of modern cloud computing to deliver the performance and reliability needed in the life sciences. Flywheel offers enterprise deployments on major providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Flywheel for Life Sciences is delivered as a fully managed service allowing digital, operations, data, and clinical teams to focus on research and results rather than IT.  

With strong expertise in medical imaging and computer science, the Flywheel team partners with life sciences organizations to tailor and deliver a system that meets enterprise requirements and critical schedules.  

“We are excited to launch our Life Sciences solution to streamline and leverage imaging data assets and machine learning workflows, helping organizations increase R&D efficiency and accelerate drug discovery,” said Travis Richardson, Chief Product Officer of Flywheel.

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About Flywheel

Flywheel is the leading research data platform that’s transforming the way biomedical and imaging data are managed at leading life sciences, clinical, and academic institutions globally. Flywheel provides a comprehensive research data solution with all the tools needed for curation, image processing, machine learning workflows, and secure collaboration. Flywheel is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, and has offices in the Bay Area, Boston, and Budapest. For more information on our mission and products, visit or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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