Fairview Launches Innovative Workplace Behavioral Health Service For Employers

February 19  

Newest offering to suite of workplace services focuses on improving behavioral health and well-being while lowering employer health care costs

MINNEAPOLIS — To help address growing behavioral health challenges in the region and rising employer health care costs, Fairview Employer Solutions today launched Behavioral Health & Well-Being. Much more than a traditional Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Fairview’s new behavioral health offering is the only one that provides Minnesota employers with a dedicated well-being advisor. The advisor –- a licensed mental health professional –- takes a holistic approach to mental health and interactions with other health conditions, including chronic, complex illnesses to help employees maintain optimal emotional health and well-being.

“Unlike a traditional EAP, Behavioral Health & Well-Being takes a very integrated, high-touch approach that will address the vast majority of employees’ behavioral health concerns, guide employees to other services as needed, and provide ongoing support to prevent recurrence,” said Rene’ Coult-Calendine, Fairview’s Vice President of market and product development. “The workplace is an important societal connection and by partnering with employers, we can help people who are suffering get the most appropriate clinical resources they need quickly and cost-effectively while improving overall workplace performance and lowering employer health care costs.”

New Service Goes Much Deeper Than a Traditional EAP

The new Fairview service goes far beyond traditional EAPs in behavioral health care and integrating overall care. This is especially important because untreated behavioral health conditions lead to unnecessary human suffering and substantial workplace challenges, such as productivity loss and increased health care costs. For example, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, behavioral health costs alone cost U.S. employers $225 billion per year in lost productivity.

Delayed treatment of behavioral health conditions or conditions left untreated often expand into much more serious, expensive conditions. However, most people living with behavioral health conditions improve with diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up, all key elements of Behavioral Health & Well-Being, which offers:

·        Quick, convenient access to local providers: Employees and their family members (13 years and older) have quick, convenient access to a local certified licensed mental health professional (LICSW, LPCC, LMFT) dedicated to their employees’ well-being and available to them through a variety of channels, including at the workplace, in-clinic, online, and by phone.

·        Open access to ongoing management and support: Unlike a traditional EAP, which provides limited counseling and no long-term support, the Fairview service provides open access to counseling services and ongoing management and support by the well-being advisor to prevent recurrence. 

·        Concierge-style employee support: Behavioral Health & Well-Being will schedule all appointments on an employee’s behalf, develop personal well-being assessments and plans, triage to primary care and specialty behavioral health resources if needed, and provide well-being check-ins and ongoing monitoring for those with complex, chronic conditions.

·        Proactive, comprehensive employee outreach: The new service will use a variety of employee engagement strategies and proactive outreach communications to help employees better understand program services and benefits. For example, through employer claims analysis and in close partnership with human resource leaders, the service will customize employee educational information to reflect the unique behavioral health needs of the employer population. Well-being advisors also will develop an annual educational plan that consists of employee and manager education training and communications to promote utilization and allow the advisor to develop a trusted relationship with employees.

·        Extensive care network: Behavioral Health & Well-Being will support patient access to a wide network of providers, including Fairview and non-Fairview providers. 

Employers can call 612-672-2020 or visit www.fairviewemployersolutions.org/wellbeing to learn more about Behavioral Health & Well-Being.

Behavioral Health & Well-Being is the latest offering from Fairview Employer Solutions, which brings Fairview Health Services health care expertise directly to Minnesota employers through a portfolio of workplace health and wellness services. These services help organizations improve their employees’ health and productivity, and reduce escalating health care costs. Fairview Employer Solutions’ customizable offerings include on-site clinics, a virtual care platform, employee assistance programs, customized sleep health services, and comprehensive one-day executive physicals through University of Minnesota Health.

About Fairview Health Services

Fairview Health Services (fairview.org) is a Minneapolis-based nonprofit health system driven to heal, discover and educate for longer, healthier lives. Founded in 1906, Fairview provides exceptional care to patients and communities as one of the most comprehensive and geographically accessible systems in Minnesota. Through a close relationship with the University of Minnesota, Fairview offers access to breakthrough medical research and specialty expertise as part of a continuum of care that reaches all ages and health needs. 

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