Excelera Joins Medical Alley Association to Influence Positive Change for Complex Patient Care

November 12  

Partnership brings specialty pharmacy expertise to the Medical Alley ecosystem to increase cross-industry collaboration

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, Nov. 12, 2019 – Excelera®, the company behind the Excelera Network, a nationwide network of leading health systems and academic medical centers with specialty pharmacies, today announced it has joined the Medical Alley Association (MAA). Located in Minnesota, Medical Alley is recognized as The Global Epicenter of Health Innovation and Care™ and is home to the world’s largest cluster of heath technology companies and leaders in healthcare, including Fairview Health, Mayo Clinic, UnitedHealth Group and many more. As a member of the association, Excelera will participate in MAA events, act as a resource for MAA members, as well as learn from the expertise of other MAA members, helping to initiate conversations and collaborations to tackle some of healthcare’s biggest questions.

“As the industry looks toward the future, a key component will be breaking down silos and increasing dialogue among healthcare stakeholders,” said Don Amorosi, chief operating officer at Excelera. “With our extensive experience facilitating cross-industry health system specialty pharmacy collaboration, Excelera will help advance MAA’s mission of creating conversations that lead to true innovation.”

Specialty pharmacy represents one of the healthcare industry’s fastest growing sectors, with projections estimating that specialty medications will represent nearly 40% of the total U.S. drug spend by 2020. Longer lives and an aging population mean an increase in the number of complex patients – those with multiple chronic diseases or rare, hard to treat diseases. To reduce healthcare fragmentation and costs, care delivery must evolve to create a holistic, coordinated ecosystem, which requires a deeper understanding from a diversity of industry stakeholders. With insights from 20-plus leading health systems and academic medical centers across the U.S., Excelera will provide insight into specialty pharmacy for MAA members.   

“The Medical Alley Association has the privilege of bringing together leaders that believe healthcare’s future is collaborative and patient-centric and that are doing the hard work of bringing those values into the present,” said Shaye Mandle, president and CEO of MAA. “Excelera’s willingness to step up, have challenging conversations, and then help bring the results to life is why we are eager to learn from their experience and hear what they have to share with our community.”

The Excelera Network consists of over 20 health systems and academic medical centers across the U.S., encompassing over 550 hospitals and over 109K pharmacists. To learn more about the Excelera Network, visit https://www.excelerarx.com/

To learn more about the Medial Alley Association, visit https://medicalalley.org/

About The Excelera® Network

The Excelera® Network is comprised of integrated delivery networks, health systems, and large academic medical centers with a deep commitment to caring for complex patients. Through national-scale collaboration, the network more efficiently gains access to limited distribution drugs, utilizes tools, technology, and best practices to deliver high quality care.

ExceleraRx Corp is a healthcare company that empowers integrated delivery networks, health systems, and large academic medical centers to provide integrated care for complex patients, leading to improved health outcomes and decreased healthcare costs. To learn more, visit https://www.excelerarx.com or follow us on LinkedIn.

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