European Medtech Clusters Choose Medical Alley for U.S. Market

May 3  

The MedTech Alliance for Global Internationalization (MAGIA), a consortium of four leading medical device clusters, has chosen to partner with the Medical Alley Association in a multi-year effort to bring novel technologies to the U.S. market. This partnership builds on the success of BioMelbourne program in Melbourne, Australia and the recently established MedTech Bridge program in Denmark to accelerate the development life-saving and life-improving technology.

Consisting of cluster organizations representing the Hamburg area of Germany, the Lyon region of France, the Piedmont region of Italy, and the Walloon region of Belgium, MAGIA collectively represents over 700 small- and medium-sized (SME) medical device firms. Formed to share resources and connections among the clusters, MAGIA is tasked to expand the reach of these SMEs in the U.S., the largest healthcare market in the world.

Like the BioMelbourne and MedTech Bridge programs, MAGIA will leverage Medical Alley’s world-leading expertise in commercialization of novel medical technology. Medical Alley Association and Greater MSP, with support from the Minnesota Trade Office, will assist MAGIA-affiliated companies in finding suppliers, partners, and advice to establish their U.S. business operations in Medical Alley.

The consortium leaders visited Medical Alley recently to meet with local leaders, public and private, to help them build their network, gather insights, and prepare for the next phase. Medical Alley Association extends its thanks to Spineway USA, Collagen Solutions, StoneArch, Fairview Ventures, Mayo Clinic, PR Medical, Colliers, and the Destination Medical Center for their time and knowledge.

Follow-on meetings are being planned for the November MEDICA Trade Fair in Düsseldorf. The State of Minnesota has organized a pavilion for Medical Alley companies and companies from all four of the consortium regions will be exhibiting at the show as well.

Innovation can start anywhere, but it finds a home in Medical Alley. With 500,000 Minnesotans working for member-companies boasting representatives in 103 countries, the Medical Alley region has global ties that enable life-saving and life-improving innovation to reach patients faster than anywhere else. New innovations are constantly needed to maintain the vitality of the region and to help more patients. By partnering with MAGIA, the Medical Alley Association is increasing the flow of technology, talent, and investment to the region for the benefit of the community and our membership.

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