Delve Health Joins xCures and Cancer Commons to Support the Beat19 Data Initiative to Conquer COVID-19

June 23  

MINNEAPOLIS, June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — DELVE HEALTH is excited to announce that it is joining xCures and Cancer Commons to support Beat19— a crowd-sourcing initiative to jump start COVID-19 data collection from around the world.

CoV-SARS-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, shocked the global community and will forever change how human beings interact with one another. Societal norms and life-styles will probably never be the same as before. From practicing “social distancing” to shopping for household supplies, it has been a challenging and scary time for most people; but especially for those who are also cancer patients.

DELVE HEALTH has over 20 years of experience in working with ever-evolving technologies to create solutions. Our role is to leverage our expertise in technology and combine it with our knowledge of cancer care, in order to create a user-friendly and secure mobile app for the Beat19 project, which will allow volunteers to participate in sharing their data. “COVID-19 is the most significant, worldwide health challenge of our lifetime; and, it will take all of us working together as a global community to put an end to this pandemic,” said Wessam Sonbol, CEO of Delve Health. “We are honored that we’ve been called upon to utilize our Clinical StudyPal mobile framework to empower researchers with insights that can better identify at-risk patients,” he continued.

Beat19 is a patient-led initiative allows researchers to start mapping data points to see if there are any patterns between things like types of cancers, types of treatments, behaviors, and exposure and/or symptoms of COVID-19. By leveraging DELVE HEALTH’s technology platform, the partnership is able to focus on the immediate goal of engaging 100,000 volunteers to use the Beat19 app.

“COVID-19 is having a major impact on people with chronic conditions.  For cancer patients, this is an absolutely terrifying time,” said Mark Shapiro, Principal Investigator for the BEAT19 study. “Using the BEAT19 platform, we are trying to collect data about how the pandemic is affecting cancer patients in order to understand what behavioral, environmental, and treatment modifications may reduce the risk or severity of infection.” 

About the BEAT19 Registry Study

BEAT19 is a people-powered study, registered on, designed to understand the natural history of the coronavirus infection before, during and after symptoms, and to understand how pre-existing conditions, medications, and other factors affect disease progression.

Cancer patients can join the fight against COVID-19 by visiting the BEAT19 registry for more information about the study or to participate in the study, please visit


DELVE HEALTH is a Minnesota-based technology company, which has worked to leverage evolving technologies in support of clinical research for over 20 years. It seeks to streamline clinical research and reduce the burden of the patient during a clinical trial. To learn more about DELVE HEALTH, visit or e-mail [email protected].

About xCures

xCures is a health technology and services company that operates an AI-assisted precision medicine platform that continuously learns from the experiences of all patients, on all treatments, all the time. The platform can determine the best individualized treatment options and services for patients, including access via reimbursement, clinical trials, and expanded-access support. By tightly integrating research and clinical care, xCures enables physicians to make better treatment decisions, patients to achieve superior outcomes, and bio-pharmas to slash the time and cost of developing drugs. To learn more about xCures, visit

About Cancer Commons

Cancer Commons is a nonprofit that connects patients and their caregivers with a collaborative network of nurse navigators, PhD scientists, and national experts, who share a compassionate approach and deep scientific knowledge of cancer. To learn more about Cancer Commons, visit

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