Congratulations to Inspire Medical on their Successful IPO

May 9  

The Medical Alley Association congratulates the team at Inspire Medical Systems on their initial public offering of stock on the New York Stock Exchange last week.

Raising $108 million for Inspire, this is the largest financing for a Medical Alley company so far in 2018 and the first IPO.

Inspire Medical Systems is the maker of an implantable device for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA is a debilitating disease that severely impacts patients’ quality of life and can lead to other health issues.

Their therapy is so revolutionary that Cleveland Clinic recognized it as the number two medical innovation for 2018.

The Medical Alley community has proven fertile ground for developing treatments for the most challenging diseases and conditions. Inspire Medical Systems is making a positive impact on patients and the community every day with their hard work.

Please join us in congratulating them on their success and wishing them much more.

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