Collagen Solutions Provides New Option for Sufferers of Early Arthritis

March 16  

Collagen Solutions, a regenerative medicine company with its US headquarters in Medical Alley, recently completed eight years of follow up for its cartilage repair product, ChondroMimetic, with positive results.

Backed by these results, ChondroMimetic is positioned as the only minimally invasive, cost-effective, single-stage treatment that fits within surgeons’ current surgical techniques for smaller cartilage defects with such extensive data. The company has started the CE marking process to bring ChondropMimetic to market in Europe.

Collagen Solutions develops and supplies medical-grade collagen and tissue components for use in a wide range of regenerative medicine products. In addition to their work on ChondroMimetic, they are working on products with partner firms in wound care, bone regeneration, dental surgery, and heart valves. Led by Jamal Rushdy, a veteran of startups and established companies, they are positioned to bring novel value to healthcare through their innovations.

Mr. Rushdy ended up in Medical Alley following an acquisition of a prior company by Tornier (now Wright Medical). During his time in Medical Alley, he experienced the breadth and depth of the medical technology infrastructure, so when he joined Collagen Solutions, he chose to establish an office here.

“We are excited about the potential for bringing new regenerative medicine technologies and growing in Minnesota. We appreciate Medical Alley’s support,” Mr. Rushdy said.

For more information on Collagen Solutions, including how to partner with them visit or contact [email protected]

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