Bio-Techne Releases 32×8 Cartridge for the Ella Platform

July 18  

MINNEAPOLIS, July 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ ‐‐ Bio‐Techne Corporation (NASDAQ: TECH) today announced the launch of a new 8‐Plex cartridge format for the ProteinSimple™‐branded Ella™ automated immunoassay platform. This new cartridge format analyzes 32 samples for eight distinct analytes, bringing higher multiplex capabilities to the Ella platform.

The 32×8 cartridge for Ella enables users to build panels of up to eight analytes, which are selected from a pool of pre‐validated analytes that are putative biomarkers for a variety of diseases, including inflammation and cancer. These multiplex assays are validated to the same high standards of a single plex assay, allowing users to seamlessly transition between plex levels and cartridge formats.

Dave Eansor, President of Bio‐Techne’s Protein Sciences Segment, commented, “The 32×8 cartridge expands the impressive performance of the Ella platform to a critical plex level. The ability to monitor eight analytes with extremely high sensitivity and precision in just 25 ul volume of a precious biological sample is a notable breakthrough for clinical biomarker research.”

The Ella platform allows users to perform high‐quality immunoassays in 90 minutes with no manual intervention. This innovative immunoassay workflow decreases the iteration time of research and empowers staff to spend their time on higher value activities. Other Simple Plex cartridge formats currently offered include multianalyte formats that measure either 16 or 32 samples for up to four biomarkers, a single plex cartridge format, and a customizable cartridge that accommodates user defined reagents.

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