Benovate Leverages Patented Platform Analytics to Aid Health Delivery Systems With Their Quadruple AIM Agendas

August 5  

Meet Benovate’s new CEO and healthcare veteran Mark Walinske; learn about the unique Benovate 4th Aim Report and Population Research Tool.

MINNEAPOLIS, July 23, 2019 ( –In business since 2011, Benovate, Inc. has delivered value for clients spanning wellness, to wellbeing and now into human capacity improvement. Under newly appointed CEO, healthcare veteran Mark Walinske, Benovate understands the importance and the challenges of the Quadruple AIM. “We’ve found that our patented analytics platform which captures robust and highly personalized data about people from biometrics, connected devices, claims and individual portal response across social, economic, financial and health dimensions, enables powerful insights development for leaders focused on the wellbeing and the capacity of their greatest asset – their people,” Walinske says. “It’s natural for us to take seriously these challenges inside health delivery organizations and work to inform the leadership on root causes, patterns over time and potential remedies that pertain specifically to the 4th AIM in the Quadruple.”  

As health delivery organizations are increasingly concerned with the whole-person wellbeing of their workforces, Benovate profiles and identifies correlations for populations by demographics, job function, location, health, and many more dimensions. Analyses are fully customizable for clients either in a self-serve mode or as a service. Launching a new desk-top population research tool in August, this power of real-time population insights development is in the hands of client administrators. Whether CEO, CFO, CHRO or department head, health system leaders are able to understand burnout, propensity to leave, workplace dissatisfiers, and many other potential drivers and areas for action-planning.

Walinske writes that “Health systems are keenly aware that their product of health delivery is impacted by the total wellbeing of the people delivering care. Benovate helps these systems identify risk areas to address. While health systems are our first market where we’ve developed proprietary analytical reporting, we’re quickly moving into other market domains. We’re focused on high-reliability organizations, triple-bottom-line organizations and colleges, and universities from a whole student perspective. Population data and resulting insights, that’s what matters in managing today’s workforces and achieving maximum human capacity and organizational success.”

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